Maundy Monday? Monday Monday?

I know it’s not Maundy Monday. I’m not even sure there *is* a Maundy Monday. I think I remember that from when I was a kid because it just always seemed like a pretty weird name for a so-called holiday. Maundy? Monday? Maundy Monday? But I can’t find anything authoritative about it in about the top five 6000le Google hits and I’m not interested enough to drill down (at least not right now) and all I can find is that the day after Easter is called Easter Monday. And it isn’t even the day after Easter so obviously I’m just babbling randomly as usual. It was a pretty darn good day. KNOCK ON WOOD BIG TIME!!! We got ice cream and popsicles and stuff on the patio at work this afternoon to celebrate the first warm day we’ve had since, oh, about that one day in January when I woke up and my iPhone proclaimed 54 degrees. Trust me, things went downhill from there. And stayed there. But it does. Finally. Smell and feel a little bit like spring. Of course, I’m missing winter. Except for the part where I layer DKNY tights under spandex leggings. Or the part about where the walking was *horrible* this winter. Ice, snow, mud, and water. Not fun. But I do miss walking in the dark. It was a kind of a red letter day today in that The Commander actually managed to find THE SUBMIT BUTTON and so was actually able to post a comment to my blahg entry from yesterday. She can actually post entire blahg entries on my blahg if she wants but she prob’ly doesn’t remember how to do that. Love you Moom!!! I’ll try getting her on-line this weekend. Y’know, for that iron-plated octo-woman version of the world. I am now on a social network. It’s called Linked In and I’m on there because friends from WCC invited me. We have a group there and everything. And so many of us are, um, employed!! Who’da thunk it? Er, at least I wasn’t seeking full-time employment back in the corporate world when I started taking classes there. Life changes. And just to put the icing on the cake, I ran into a long-lost boyfriend at the grocery store tonight. And just so y’all know, that pic is of The Committee! Y’know, the Houghton Lake Plumbing and Grilling Committee. They know everything. Just ask ’em. 😈 Okay, I’m done.

3 Responses to “Maundy Monday? Monday Monday?”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    From Wikipedia :

    Maundy may refer to:

    * Maundy Thursday – a Christian holiday commemorating the Last Supper (the Thursday before Easter)
    * Maundy – the liturgical foot washing ceremonies that occurs on Maundy Thursday
    * Maundy money – dispensed at the Maundy ceremony by the Sovereign of England

  2. Maquis Says:

    Happy Birthday Dan!

  3. pooh Says:

    LOL at the description of the committee!