Just go ahead and delete your autoexec.bat file and see where it gets you.

Lemme see… I was home from my walk at 6:58 AM! Did a load of laundry, reconciled the massive Landfill checkbook (massive in terms of transactions, not cash), paid some bills, threw xferred money around, spot-cleaned the kitchen floor, washed dishes, cleaned the sink and swabbed off various counters, cleaned the bathroom, made the bed, went to the dry-cleaner, the ATM, and mailed a package and a couple letters. At work by hmm, was it quarter to 9? I think it was! Quick dash to Tarjay in lieu of lunch. Oh, don’t worry, I ate my pbj sandwich. I just worked while I ate it. I was on a roll until I wheeled my chair around to get something out of a drawer and, to my absolute horror, it turned out that the power cord to my work-issued laptop was somehow entangled in my chair and said laptop started to head south. In the process of catching it in midair, I managed — via the somewhat twitchy touchpad — to do a pretty darn similar thing to deleting the autoexec.bat file. Yikes! Er, actually, I said the D word. Where are my files? Do I put my tail between my legs and ask for help with this absolutely mindbogglingly stoopid thing? Okay. Stay calm. I did manage to resolve the problem and the rest of the day was uneventful except that Dimitry dern near drove me crazy in class tonight. Kids, it *is* what it *is* and if you want to figger it all out, go out there and write some really simple programs and put write statements (from the days of FORTRAN) everywhere that will tell you what’s in which variable at various points in your algorithm. Etc., etc., ad infinitum. I’m not sure there even *is* an autoexec.bat file any more. There may well be underneath all that Windows sh- um stuff. Sorry, you guys, I do actually use Windows too. And I even get along with it, so there. Bi-lingual, if you will. Multi-lingual if you count all those old mainframes and other pieces of you-know-what that I used to work with back in the dark ages. Now, if I could just find the proofs of insurance that SHOULD be in all of our vee-hickles. Don’t ask.

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