Breaking up is hard to do. But there’s always garam masala.

I’m not talking about my boyfriend. We’re cool and now that we’re not in class together any more, we meet at the grokkery store on random occasions. Meetya by the eggplants? But I’m talking about ice. Today was the day. At Houghton Lake, at least. Now I’m going off to try to try the new WordPress 2.5 photo “gallery” feature that my webguy told me and the other renegade ragtags about. Dum de dum de dum. Dum de Wow! That was quick to figger!

I’m not totally crazy about the presentation or functionality. NOTE: my webguy didn’t design this, he’s just a reporter and I’m just a tester. But it’s interesting and this is my first quick attempt and maybe when I have more time sometime in the next universe, I’ll be able to get at the css and other backend stuff. Backend used *very* loosely here. Anyway, any of you who *can’t* figger out what to do here, just click on the images to enlarge them. You will have to click the back button to get back to the page. That’s one part of the functionality that I don’t like. And the GG says my times are all wrong and the time is on the pic. Okay, y’all figger it out. It’s just another day in the breakup of ice.

P.S. To the beautiful young woman at Plum Market this afternoon. I hope you didn’t think I was some creepy old stalker, staring at you like that. I’m just an old tired moom and you look almost *exactly* like my older beach urchin. Two cute little short pigtails and layered shirts and everything.

3 Responses to “Breaking up is hard to do. But there’s always garam masala.”

  1. isa Says:

    miss you mooma.

  2. Sam Says:

    Ah, spring is coming (perhaps on leetle cat feet, but still!).

  3. pengie Says:

    yummm garam masala!