I wonder if tomorrow is garbage day…

<braindump>It better be garbage day tomorrow, because I have already hauled out both the handy-dandy A2 garbage cart and the hand-dandy A2 recycle cart. I didn’t haul out either of the handy-dandy compost carts because there really wasn’t anything in them. Except for a few leaves that are frozen to the bottoms of the containers. According to the GG, they had a real good time trying to dump our leaves into their truck last week. Since they were frozen to the bottom of the containers, don’tcha know.

Who knows where my daily brain-dump will take me today. I suspect y’all are not gonna get much outta me, at least not anything coherent. Lemme see… Spent $1300 on vee-hickle repairs this week, taaarrrrs for two vee-hickles and bearings for one. Merry Christmas to me!!! Other than that, I’ve been walking, going to work, coming home, scrabbling leftovers together for dinner, blahgging, and crashing. 10 minutes before I left work today, the long-suffering cat-herding person was I/M-ing me asking why I had coded something in a particular way and did it really need that extra bit of code. Say what? I had no memory. Of course, as soon as I got onto the freeway headed for home, it all came back to me with a big DUUUUH.

Yes, that stuff in the photooooo is ice. Old Man Winter has finally arrived here and that plant is at the edge of one of the ponds at my work. It is colder than blue blazes here but OMW has only been spitting snow at us. The Commander had eight inches of snow to deal with today. And, well, she had places to go today, so she left a message for her plowing contractor to make sure they got her driveway shoveled out in plenty of time. And they did and that was all fine but then the city plow came along to plow the street and, well. You know where this is going, don’t you. Not to be daunted, The Comm *shoveled* that snow outta there and went about her business. Um, okay moom… MMCB, on the other hand, has just returned from her latest boondoggle. Which was to Kuala Lumpur and/or Cambodia and/or I fergit where else, so she is freezing. Or actually, maybe not. She seemed happy to get back to the land of the ice and snow.

Anyway. Should I go to Houghton Lake this weekend or not? I am seesawing. I don’t really wanna drive up in rush hour traffic tomorrow and I don’t really wanna leave work early tomorrow. I have too much to doooo. And I think the Twinz of Terror are gonna wanna hike this weekend and, as much as I wanna hike this weekend, I kinda feel like I need to stay home and do some chores and xmas shopping and stuff. And have just a leetle beet of Moom-Alone time. I mean, Mouse will be in and out but I am a blasted introvert and I need to re-a-charge after spending all that time with all those [beloved] relatives last weekend… Of course, it is the Twinz and they are always busy doing their own little prodjects and things and are happy to leave me be for the most part. We’ll see…</braindump>

One Response to “I wonder if tomorrow is garbage day…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I think staying home and getting stuff done sounds awesome. I don’t like to go places(even fun ones) if I have a load of other things I need to get done. I end up thinking about those responsibilities and can easily ruin my time. How cold is cold? We’re back into the 40s (with blue sky today) and that feels really good after the 20s.