I could rant but I won’t

I don’t have the psychological energy. Well, okay, one small rant.

Dear Plum Market,

I love you. But. Would you please get your produce folks to check the condition of the potatoes? I was rather unhappy when I got home with my little package of “Gourmet Baby Gold Potatoes”. First, I noticed that they were sprouting roots or whatever. That didn’t endear me to them very much but it is a condition that I can handle with aplomb using a simple utensil like a potato peeler or a kaniffy. But then. I picked one up and, yaknow what? It was squishy. In fact, they were *all* squishy. Now. I am not a pioneer and this is not the end of a long winter at Little House on the Prairie. It is the 21st century and you are an “upscale” market. You can do better than that.

With fondness from the baggy old kayak woman in the black sparkly bomber hat,

P.S. Wait a minute? Did I REALLY pay $4.99 for that little package of rotten potatoes???

Anyway. No, I didn’t take them back and complain. Not even for $4.99. Those potatoes are destined for my compost heap. The Commander would waste no time about taking them back and giving the grokkery store a pretty good piece of her mind. Me? Today? Not so much. It was a long, fun day at work but I almost didn’t get outta there with my life and, when I got home, I walked over to the Plum. That was all fine. It was dark and cold and beautiful outside and it felt good to be somewhere besides my loverly, dog poopy cube. But did I want to go *back* over there? No way. I was home and, by the time I had discovered the crappyness of the potatoes, I had already “dressed down” for the evening. $4.99 vs. the stress of getting dressed in winter clothing again and driving over to the Plum to complain about potatoes? Hmmm… I’m out five bucks.

Note to self: Inspect ALL produce carefully before buying it, even things like potatoes that aren’t USUALLY a risky thing to just grab. Because even at our upscale markets, there are obviously some employees who could not care less about how well they do their job.

P.S. to self: Oh, and look more carefully at PRICES too, while you’re at it! Kee-reist!

Whew! I guess that was a rant, wasn’t it?

2 Responses to “I could rant but I won’t”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I probably wouldn’t take them back(too much effort) but my mom sure would. I would allow her to take them back for me because she loves that kind of thing. 🙂 Does that make me lazy?

  2. kayak woman Says:

    No, not lazy at all Margaret!

    Actually, since I follow Plum Market on FB, I ended up emailing them. I don’t care about the money. I’d just like the produce area to not stock rotten vegetables. For tired (and today, stressed out) people like me to grab unwittingly and pay exhorbitant prices for.