quick [non-iPhone] update

May 10, 2000: Tree on Landfill (and POC)

April 11, 2008: Tree on Landfill (not on POC, or Cute Little Blue Honda et al, at least I don’t think)

Pics courtesy of our neighbor and his daughter. Thanks, you guys!!!

8 Responses to “quick [non-iPhone] update”

  1. Sam Says:


  2. jane Says:

    yeah – what? shoudl I go over and check things out?

  3. isa Says:


  4. isa Says:

    p.s. it is in the 80s and beautiful in california… it almost feels like michigan in the summer…

  5. Sam Says:

    (after pictures were posted) Wow! Ouch!

  6. l4827 Says:

    Wow! Impressive snow in Siberia! How many inches/meters is that? Have you been out to your cabin–or our U.P. Shelter and is it still upright? ‘Tis rainy and 44 degrees in the Planet. Perhaps some supposed flurries in tomorrow’s early a.m. -D

    My, my. 3 dineros, eh? Massive snows, et all. Sounds like a bad joke-your house has been hit by a tree while your 300 some miles away. Interesting to here news from the Northern Confines ……. -J

  7. jane Says:

    quick update for interested readers – I just went over to the house and while I couldn’t find a key to get inside, I couldn’t see any damage looking in thru the front window, which admitedly isn’t a full accounting. The roof is in tough shape in the back corner – bedroom/bathroom corner. It appears to me that a couple of joists are probably cracked.

    The rain hasn’t been too heavy and shouldn’t be too bad tonight so hopefully the shingles will continue to do their job — they’re in surprisingly good shape.

  8. Webmomster Says:

    I can recommend a good roofer – the fellow that Jimbo hired to do our roof. He’s still in business (I get a calendar from him every year!).

    At least the grills still appear to be OK… 🙄