I am not a blasted stalker. Or a terrorist. Or even a paparazzi.

“Are you looking for something?” asked the woman getting into her SUV on the 1400 block of Superior Street. I suppose I looked a little weird, standing in front of old Stinkin’ Linkin Elementary School with my digital camera in one hand and my iPhone up to my ear. I was pretty loud because it was windy and I think Jane said she couldn’t hear me very well. [Sorry, Jane, if I hurt your ears. I know I’m loud from the get-go.]

Anyway, how the heck could I explain myself? This afternoon, I walked down the escarpment to the south side of Sault Ste. Siberia and took a picture of my Grandma’s house on John Street and then walked over and got a couple of shots of the Superior Street house that I grew up in and Stinkin’ Linkin. And then my voice mail went blinkity-blink. It was my cousin Jane. I took a couple more pics and then I called Jane back.

So yeah. I’m walking around this neighborhood because I GREW UP in that house and I WENT to that school. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, i.e., the Planet Ann Arbor Landfill, a tree fell on our house yesterday afternoon. We were probably somewhere around Grayling when that happened. If we had not been on the way north, I’d’ve been at work and the GG would’ve been taking a nap in the “master” bedroom. A rude awakening, maybe? So, Jane had very generously offered to go over and take a look at our house and she was calling me with a report. So, I stood there looking at my childhood house and my old elementary school talking to my cousin on my iPhone about whatever damage she could observe over at the Landfill back on the Planet Ann Arbor. Pretty darn weird juxtaposition of time and place overall.

So, how the holy heck do I explain all of that? At any rate, I used to live in this house. It was different then. It didn’t have the deck or that whole front extension or the dog pen (?) or the trailer. My dad built the garage and he used to actually fit three (count ’em) vee-hickles in there. I remember a lot of stuff about that house but I can’t blahg about that tonight.

Thanks to our neighbors for figuring out how to notify us about the latest tree incident and taking pictures. Thank you Jane for going over and inspecting. Love y’all. We were thinking that the roof needed to be redone anyway. At least, the GG was. I am such a blonde about that stuff. Yaknow. Speak Slowly….

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