I hesitate even to post this photooo of my back yard (with a gratuitous shot of the back end of The Loverly Old Landfill (I am standing out at the compost bin)). Yes, there is snow. Ain’t it purty? But yaknow, thees ees Meecheegaan. It isn’t a whole lot of snow for the god-forsaken Great Lake State. It is NOWHERE NEAR the amount of snow they got over in Minnesota. You know, where the feetsball stadium roof collapsed. The only thing really notable about our little snowstorm is that this is reeeeaaaalllly late for the first significant amount of snow to fall around here. Well, that is, other than the fact that I felt (and looked) like a drowned rat after my skunk walk this morning. Kee-reist, can you say “wet snow?” When I woke up at that batscope time of the night, it was raining cats and dogs. I figgered everything would be covered with a sheet of ice this morning. Not. By the time I went out to dodge skunks and newspaper jeeps and things, it was slodgy old wet snow, the kind where you almost wish you had thought to bring an umbrella with you. Drowned rat. Yes. Underfoot? It was great. Nothing slippery. Tomorrow may be a different story.

Anyway. After that, we slugged around throughout the morning, although I mobilized to help Mouse clear Daisy’s windows before she went to work. I didn’t do it for kudos, I was just paying forward what my old coot used to do for me up in Sault Ste. Siberia. At my childhood house in Da Yoop back in the day, any vee-hickle that lived outside was outfitted with an engine warmer and the old coot would plug those in while he was out shoveling. Which was pretty much every day, given the location. He finally bought a snowblower when he was 75 or thereabouts. I don’t think he was anywhere near incapable of shoveling at that age, I think he was just tired of spending a whole lot of time on it. That snowblower lives on at Houghton Lake now. I don’t have one here at the Landfill because I actually LIKE to shovel. Believe it or not. In some ways (but not others), I am a chip off of the old block coot. Anyway. The GG and I mobilized for a bit of xmas shopping and then, in the late afternoon, after a big wind came through and the temperatures dropped from about 30 (F) to about 18 (F), the GG drove downtown to de-ice Daisy’s windows for when Mouse needs to drive home later tonight. So maybe he has managed to somehow acquire a few genes offa my old coot’s DNA. More likely, his old gumper was really just a different version of my old coot and did things like that for his kids. I knew that The Gumper would help meee, an out-law, if I needed him and I loved him greatly. At any rate, the GG loves to get out and drive around in bad weather and I know he was chomping at the bit for a mission. I may be wrong but I also think he greatly missed The Indefatigable today. And probably a couple of beach urchins do too.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    It looks like a lot to me, but then, I am a native Washingtonian.