“It’s a big ice cube!”

For all the moaning and kvetching and bah humbugging I do about the xmas holiday season, sometimes there’s a day where things just seem to fall into place somehow even in those moments when you have to switch gears a bit unexpectedly. Most things anyway. There were a few glitches in today but I’ll take ’em.

First, I dragged the GG outta bed at 0-skunk-30 for a death march down to the farmer’s market. “But it won’t be open yet”, he protested. “It opens at 7:00,” said yer favo-rite blahgger. It is 2.25 miles down there from here so it was at least 7:30 by the time we got there but it was still early enough that there weren’t ten gazillion people there and we could get a good look at what was available and even talk a bit to some of the purveyors, although yer favor-rite introvert has to be in the right mood to go along with sales pitches, which they all are. Mushroom growing kits? In my house? I do not think so. I know where this would go. The mushroom kit would be established in MY chitchen and it would produce mushrooms for a while but eventually, we’d end up with a dead hulk that I would eventually throw into the compost heap in six months or five years or whatever. Sorry, but I know how this stuff goes. Remember me? I am Black Thumb Banana. I do not do plants.

I ended up making several more forays to various stores throughout the day, including two more trips downtown. Shopping generally exhausts me but, at one point, I sat in the Ninja for just a second and gave myself a little pep talk. Something like, hey KW, it’d be really cool to have a totally stress-free xmas sometime but you know that you wouldn’t be happy unless you had one or two days of frantic running around. And, right or wrong, that’s the truth!!!

That ice cube in the photooo? I *think* that is supposed to be the “big house”, where the UM Wolverines play feetsball. I’m sure that ice cube looked loverly this morning but after an afternoon of sun and near-40 (F) temps, it kind of looks like an ice cube with ears. But today was the “Big Chill” hockey game between UM and MSU and yes, they actually flooded the Big House to make it into a hockey rink. I kept thinking I was hearing fighter jets this afternoon but I couldn’t quite tell. Then my friend The Beautiful Sari, who lives a half mile away, posted on Facebook that, while she loved being able to watch the hockey game from her house, she wasn’t crazy about the B2 bomber that buzzed her house. She is a pacifist and so [arguably] am I [I am complicated]. But I remember when I was a kid and all kinds of jets used to launch out of Kincheloe AFB and fly over our beach property on Lake Superior. Including B52s. At just above treetop level. Grandroobly (WWII Army Air Corps vet) and Duke (career Air Force Colonel) would always run like heck out of the cabin to watch their comrades fly. Because they were not afraid (they were pilots, after all), I was not afraid either and I would run out after them to watch.

Oh yes, I spent a lot of time going to air shows and old airplane museums when I was a kid.

Love you all,
Kayak Woman

3 Responses to ““It’s a big ice cube!””

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m relieved to be done with the shopping(mostly on-line) because it appears that I’ll have lots of other things to do in December. Not very fun ones.

  2. l4827 Says:

    We saw that ice cube live tonight on Main Street. Before the forty degree weather, was that ice cube a boat? BTW, we had wonderful evening tonight at a restaurant that was full with one empty table just waiting for us.

    We got our live smelly Christmas tree this afternoon also

  3. Pooh Says:

    At first glance I thought it said Hershey’s, and that it was on a car windshield.