Keepin’ up with The Commander

Trying to anyway! Lemme see… Got up just a wee bit too late to take as long a skunk walk as I wanted to this morning. Snow showers and sloppy roads on the way to coffee at Barry Bagels with MMCB. And almost nooooo gasoline. Snow showers and sloppy roads on the way from Barry Bagels to work. And almost noooooo gasoline. No there wasn’t anywhere near a quarter tank, let alone a third. Next time I will take a photoooo of the gasoline gauge. Er, not that I am incapable of pumping gasoline. I pump gasoline all the time. There have been days when I have driven no fewer than three (count ’em) vee-hickles over to the Jackson/N. Maple Shell station to fill ’em up. One after another. Just another chore somebody has to do. What I am not terribly crazy about is getting into a vee-hickle when I am on the verge of running late in the morning and discovering that it is running on fumes. I could’ve just parked the offending vee-hickle (the Dogha) in the street and taken the other one (the Ninja, which was full because *I* filled it a couple days ago). Except that I had the Dogha completely warmed up and cleaned off and the Ninja was sitting there covered with snow and ice and all that loooooooverly stuff. And I was on the verge of running late by then, don’tcha know.

Worked in my loverly dog-poopy old cube half the day, then changed coordinates and worked here at Tangelo Row for the afternoon. It wasn’t easy to concentrate since my razor sharp ears kept picking up every little bit of conversation between the GG and The Commander. They were a couple rooms away, working [mostly] with her iPhone, making sure her apps were up to date and selecting a ring tone that doesn’t sound like an old fashioned phone ringer. It can be confusing when your cell phone and your landline have the same ring, don’tcha know. As for me, super-sensitive hearing can be a blessing and a curse and sometimes (today) just a pain. (Note that I GREATLY appreciate having the GG around to help The Comm with her phone and computer. He is VERY patient about that kind of stuff. Yer favo-rite blahgger? Not so much.)

Took a break to join ten thousand other shoppers at Whole Foods Paycheck. How many times do y’all think I will go to the grokkery store before the holiday? I’m taking bets. (Hint: I went to the Plum Market later in the afternoon and it was only partly because I needed to take a walk.) This morning, MMCB asked me if I was ready for Christmas and, after I got done laughing maniacally, I asked if I could stay at her house for the duration. (She’s Jewish, don’tcha know, and we do this kind of shtick with each other every year.)

There were a few moments of grace throughout the day. One of them was the SUUUUUNNN that greeted me as I parked in myyyy parking place at my work. Click the photoooo to enlarge.

Love y’all and hope your holiday plans are going well.

2 Responses to “Keepin’ up with The Commander”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I hate being low on gas; I think it’s because of growing up during the gas shortage era. So scary!! We have cookies to bake, but otherwise are FINISHED. Except for appts of course. I hate them!!

  2. Pooh Says:

    Wait, tomorrow is Xmas Eve? I guess I better plan a menu. Oh, and Christmas cards. Plus a little project for the West Coast family that snafu’ed itself into being a Three Kings present. Other than that, I’m ready.

    Oh, and knitting a festive hat for the gnome, b/c what else are you going to do with holiday striped acrylic yarn from Cub Scout Days?