Where the heck was I? (And how many times have I used that subject?)

I promised to bore you with urban hiking pics this week and today is the day. I had tentative plans to attend a Refresh Detroit usability meeting at the Planet Ann Arbor Public Library tonight. Yes, Detroit. Dunno why. It kinda sounds like the idea is to haul in big construction equipment to raze all of the burnt-out buildings down there and, uh, refresh. Not. This is about web usability. Anyway, I am interested in this group but I was outta the house from 8-5:30 on Monday and 8-8:30 yesterday and I needed to go home today. Yes, I am a wimp. Anyway, for the last few years, this is one of the times of year that I do not always walk in the early morning. Because it is final exam time at WCC and I am usually frantically writing and studying. And then there was 2006. I only had one class that semester so I didn’t have that much studying to do and I know I was walking because I remember telling Jean (when she asked, i.e., “are you okay and are you still walking?”) that I was walking every morning. And I was, as in, get up, take a shower, walk and… What’s next? Anyway, *this* year, I am looking at the patterns that the bare and just budding tree branches make against the sky. And watching how the budding leaves unfold. I’m not trying to be poetic here, don’t get me wrong. It’s just something I’ve never observed in detail before. There are a few beautiful tree branch pics in my lightly captioned slide show today. Click here or on the pic to view.

One Response to “Where the heck was I? (And how many times have I used that subject?)”

  1. suzie pillsbury Says:

    m tryin this again, last time it said i was not registered.
    hope all is well and bill sent me some links for your site
    and hl too. package on way for twins b day!!!
    love to all and hope to see you this summer.
    i liked the mosquito pic, most of them are in my yard right now.
    thats why you only found 1.
    it is national wildlife week and i gloriously found an sea otter rompiing
    through my backyard thursday! what a site, we call it otto.
    Im also having a red tail hawk, woody woodpeckers are all around.
    flowers of the month are gladiolas, moms bulbs jasmine and gardenia.
    i planted buttercups this week too. will try to send picks or a disc up soon!