Geeking around the Great White North in the Dogha with the GG in the 21st century

We dragged ourselves down outta Da Yoop yesterday like we always have to do eventually. We were only traveling to the Group Home at Houghton Lake yesterday. I haven’t been to the Group Home in a while and I needed some chill-out time there and the Uncly Uncle was also scheduled to be there last night. As we headed south, we alternated between the I75 SUV Speedway and the old highway. The highway we used to drive down to Megalopolis on back when I was very small, when we used to take the car ferry across the Straits of Mackinac. Before there was a bridge.

So, the Dogha is an oldie but it is a goodie. It is a 2001 model Honda Accord that we bought from my favo-rite car salesman, Kevin Liu, over at Howard Cooper. We have bought a couple other Hondas from Kevin since then. This one was our first and it is going on 150K right now. We recently put new shoes on it and replaced the bearings, so it was good to go for a northern odyssey. The Dogha was a top dolla Honda back in 2001. It was the fanciest vee-hickle we had ever purchased. I’ll even tell you that the price was $26K. That was a lot for us. Well, we paid that much for the POC but, well, that thing… Love-hate relationship and too many little problems, yada yada. The Dogha? Leather seats with lucky-shuckial seat adjusters and a HUGE trunk and a 6-CD changer (that worked, unlike the POC’s) and I dunno what else. It did NOT come with an outdoor temperature sensor or a GPS or an iPod jack. That stuff did not exist in 2001. We didn’t even have a viable laptop computer in 2001. I *think* I had a reasonable cell phone by then but can’t exactly remember.

But NO PROBLEMS! Ever! Roight? Roight.

I loved yesterday. I love driving down the old road and through all the old northern towns. Cheboygan, Topinabee (yes, really), Indian River, Wolverine, Vanderbilt, Gaylord, Waters, Frederic, Grayling and finally on to our family’s loverly cabin at Houghton Lake.

Anyway, it is 2011 now and a lot of new vee-hickles have a lot of this stuff built in or at least extra plugs for things. Not the Dogha, but that’s okay. The GG and I zigzagged our way from Sault Ste. Siberia to Houghton Lake yesterday in this beloved old vee-hickle, with all of these dee-vices going. We didn’t really need the GPS that I bought on a whim in August. We know our way around the Great Lake State pretty much by the back of our hands. We use it for fun more than anything. But the GPS did get us to the house that the Uncly Uncle and The Beautiful Gay are going to rent soon. The Uncly Uncle is the GG’s identical twin and Gay is his beautiful wife and that is her name, not her sexual orientation, in case anyone is confused. 😉

That bottle of blue death that’s sticking out in the photo is something that the GG bought. When he is left to his own devices to buy food, he buys some interesting stuff.

I kind of wish I could have stayed there at the Group Home tonight too but it just didn’t work out that way and so we drove home today. And goodnight from your favo-right blahgger, Kayak Woman.

3 Responses to “Geeking around the Great White North in the Dogha with the GG in the 21st century”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My SUV is a 2002 and I love it and don’t want to ever get rid of it. (it’s paid off!) However, if it starts needing work or breaks down, I’m not OK with that. What is the POC? I’m trying to figure out the acronym and it’s boggling my brain. 🙂 It doesn’t take much these days.

  2. kayak woman Says:

    POC = Piece Of Crap. It was a gorgeous 1996 Island Teal Plymouth Voyager minivan. I could just about write a book about that vee-hickle. It was beautiful but one little problem after another. We sold it in ’05, when we bought our first Honda Civic. From Kevin Liu 🙂

  3. Sam Says:

    KW is being nice (possibly PC); I am more likely to encounter POS not POC.