Angels watchin’ over me

Ihadadayoff! I. Had. A. Day. Off. Yes. I had a day off. I was grumbling a couple weeks ago because my (large corporate) employer had designated January 3rd as our holiday for New Year’s Day, which [of course] fell on Saturday this year. Why not Friday, I wondered? We’ll all be sick of the holidays and all the partying and we’ll be ready and raring to get back to some serious work on Monday, yada yada yada. Of course, it is because New Year’s Day is a 2011 holiday, not a 2010 holiday. Friday, December 31st is in 2010. Monday, January 3rd, is in 2011.

As it turned out, it was a gift! For whatever reason, the Feds got Friday off instead of Monday, which means that the GG went to work today. Because of that, yer favo-rite blahgger was home ALONE today and was able to get all kinds of constructive things done unencumbered by anyone! What did I do? Well. Lemme see…

  • I took two big garbage bags of old clothing over to one of the drop boxes that seem to be proliferating over here on the west side.
  • I returned 44 42 empty beer bottles. More than the usual number of 20-somethings were around here over the holidays and a few other beer drinkers to boot. The Jackson Rd. Meijer bottle machine wouldn’t accept two of my bottles, probably because some people around here have exotic taste. They are now in my ree-cycle bin. P.S. Tried to find Moose Drool at Meijer but no such luck.
  • Packed and mailed two packages. One containing various things Elizilla couldn’t fit into her carry-on baggage. The other some old dead CDs to recycle. The Stadium post office? OMG! I almost bagged it. It was so crowded there was NO PLACE TO PARK! I *inched* along until I found an arguably illegal space. I mean, I think it *is* illegal but I also think that the post office kind of looks the other way when it’s busy and people park there. And then. As I was parking, an angel appeared! She pointed at a vee-hickle in a *legal* space and said, “I’m leaving.” Big smile on her face to boot. I must’ve still been under her spell when I approached the u-mail-it thingie because there was NO ONE there. By the time I was finished processing my two packages, there were five people behind me and a postal worker was helping the next guy, who was rather tentatively admitting that “this thing intimidates me”. Well, not yers trooly. As I was walking out, I couldn’t help wondering if “someone” had intervened, because this experience couldda been a lot worse. Radical Betty, maybe, disguised as a beautiful young black woman with a Purple Heart license plate on her SUV. Oh, of course I don’t really think all that but ya nevah know… 😉
  • And then, I reactivated an old yahoo email account so that I could use the Freecycle membership that I created a loooonnnnnggg time ago. Aaaannnndddd….. [drrrrrrum rrrrrrrroll] I posted an offering out there. A couple grocery bags full of washed and neatly folded quilt-type cotton of various colors and patterns. I have had three people ask for it and I put it on my porch and told the first person she could have it. So far, it is still there. Well, except for when the GG came home, saw a kitchen-type garbage bag on the porch, and threw it in the handy-dandy A2 garbage cart. I was in the Back Room and I could hear the thunk!
  • Finally. Took almost all of the decorations off of our most beauteous Christmas tree. Except for a couple I couldn’t safely reach at the top. And the lights. Not quite yet.

The rest of it was all the usual stuff. Laundry and more laundry, cleaning the Blue and Only Bathroom, changing sheets in the Bunk Room, where The Commander and her granddaughter Elizilla bunked together over the holidays, cleaning the oven, tinking away at the refrigerator, and leisurely (for once) shopping for and assembling eggplant and friends for dinner.

I made so much progress today that I almost feel like I shouldda done some resolving. It helped that it was an absolutely gorgeous sunny day and all the roads were totally dry so I could drive anywhere I wanted to without thinking about whether the neanderthal in the big fracking SUV next to me was gonna sideswipe me. But. Yaknow, I am gonna hit my cube bright and early tomorrow morning and the project I have going right now is probably going to require some extra hours. So, who knows when I’ll get back to all of this stuff.

3 Responses to “Angels watchin’ over me”

  1. Marquis Says:

    Like you, I also had this day off and also like you my spovely louse had to go to work. I like your kayak ornament. It reminds me of analogous bicycle ornaments that we have. Although, I must say that Santa seems to be able to haul more loot by boat than by bike. Just a suggestion, Moose Drool was cool in 2010, but in 2011 cool beer drinkers will be sipping on Mouse Drool.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I love days where I get a lot done. They are few and far between. I hate the post office; there’s a small branch in my local grocery store, so I always go there and rarely have to wait. Is Moose Drool a MOntana beer? I think I’ve had it and liked it! I’m an avid micro brew drinker.

  3. Tonya Watkins Says:

    I’m *pretty sure* I have this exact same ornament!! I say *pretty sure* because the instant I saw the picture it felt utterly familiar; I do know for certain that I have a kayak ornament; however, I’m not 100% certain if it’s Santa paddling it. (OK, I’m REALLY sure I have at least a very SIMILAR ornament!)

    Wow, you did a LOT today. You’ll have to go back to work to rest up!