A Most Excellent Stormy Kromer Birthday

Actually, I’m not sure what Stormy thought about it but in my estimation, it couldn’t have been a bad birthday. In the first place, I allowed him to accompany me on some typical Saturday morning Planet Ann Arbor errands. I lost him in Whole Foods but he turned up at the checkout, where he had purchased a box of something that he wouldn’t tell me about. I still don’t know what it is. My only purchase was maple pecan granola for the beach urchin known as Mouse.

Home for a while, where the GG made himself an egg breakfast, then out again. To Ace Hardware, Lowe’s, a nursery near Dexter that I can’t remember the name of but I may well go back there to pick up a new flowering crab or two (I need trees!), the Dexter Floor Store (where we *finally* got serious about ordering carpet!), Panera to pick up a lunch, Ace Hardware *again*, and English Gardens.

Then, the GG worked on the broken log splitter that’s been cluttering up my house and life for at least 15 years now. He was ecstatic when the guys at Midas Muffler (or wherever) welded two hand-sized parts together for him. For free! I’m guessing they are going to blahg about him as weirdest customer of the month or last ten years or whatever. Hmm, how many muffler guys blahg?

Finally, our new neighborhood high school, Sky High, was officially dedicated or whatever you want to call it, today. We went over there to take a “self-guided” tour. And we did. Into all of the various closets and bowels of the building. Hey, I was with a guy who used to self-tour himself all over the Shrine of the Silver Dollar Little Flower, over there in good old Royal Joke. He kept saying stuff like, “these doors are easy but I need two knives.”

I’ll bore you with more pics of the new high school later this week. For now, you can click here or on the pic for a short slide show of Stormy Kromer The GG on his 2008 birthday.

5 Responses to “A Most Excellent Stormy Kromer Birthday”

  1. Kathy Farnell Says:

    Happy Birthday little brother. And happy birthday a little late to Mouse! She was probably too busy to read a message on her birthday anyhow. Love to you both.

  2. l4827 Says:

    God your old, 2008 birthday. That’s what it said above …. I think we should all take a hike in your honor. For my part, I’ll just put some shoes on and walk around the yard ….. Happy Birthday!

    I got ten minutes to find the return key …..

  3. Webmomster Says:

    Happy Birthday! (Yeah, I got this in JUST BEFORE MIDNIGHT 😆 )

    Just got back from the Maple Syrup Festival in Shepherd, Michigan! Nice concerts – we (the Flint Symphonic Wind Ensemble) played first, followed by the Central Michigan Band! Lots of fun, and a great day!

  4. pengie Says:

    hehe. happy birthday GG!!

  5. jane Says:

    Oh No Mr. Bill! getting older ain’t so bad, huh? thanks for providing an excellent example. 😉

    xoxo. jane.