If Chico’s would open at 8 AM and install mirrors *inside* the dressing rooms, they’d get a whole heckuva lot more of my business.

I think I am more tired after this weekend of “staying home” than I am when we gallivant up to the great white north and back. And of course we weren’t “home”! We were gallivanting all over the planet and its surrounding asteroids yesterday. And today? Heck, let’s just take off on a hundred mile jaunt over to Kalamamalakazookman. Gasoline be damned.

We had a load of stuff for Mouse’s birthday/apartment and her buddy Amanda decided to ride along. They were high school friends and Amanda now attends Albion and y’all might think that hitching a ride back to Albion by way of Kalamazoo is kind of a long way to go but some might say it’s better than riding an Amtrak train that hits a dump truck which subsequently explodes but that’s not my story to tell so we won’t go there, except to say that my mouth stayed open for quite some time. But it was great to have Amanda along and hear her stories about Albion and her own study abroad in London (and trains, yikes). Oh, not to mention that Mouse and Amanda got to see each other!

Anyway, that gorgeous breakfast is from the Crow’s Nest. The Nest Scramble. Eggs scrambled with spinach and feta and a few tomatoes and I dunno what else. I guess I could prob’ly approximate the dish at home if I didn’t get too distracted. But I never seem to actually get around to *doing* it. I have to drive 100 miles to get it. We went from there to Mouse’s apartment, where we installed a couple of mirrors and I forget what else. On to Meijer to buy a blender and some limes and avocados and pine nuts and maybe some lemons and I forget what else. Oh yeah, tonic water and a related adult beverage. Where we gave the uscan cashier a few little conundrums about the rules for selling adult beverages but we won’t go there either except to say that Mouse is definitely legal and said cashier didn’t seem to want to argue about that given that the Mouse parental units were clearly and happily involved in the purchase.

Back to Chez Mouse for more fussing around with tools and things and, of course, KW got bored and decided to stroll around the neighborhood. On the road again at about two and home at four after a stop in Albion to drop off Amanda and take a gander at the house where I first met my nephew-to-be Chris, driving his big wheel up and down the driveway. Sorry, guys, didn’t get a pic. There was a neighbor hanging around and I wasn’t brave.

I’m tired but somehow I’m managing to drag dinner together. Click here or on the pic for more.

3 Responses to “If Chico’s would open at 8 AM and install mirrors *inside* the dressing rooms, they’d get a whole heckuva lot more of my business.”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    Mmmmmmm! Those eggs looks yummy! So does the fruit!

  2. joanny Says:

    The dish looks delicious. It’s nice to see Nabu smiling, with three of her friends. I still have Cousin Mouse, in almost pretty good condition too.

  3. pengie Says:

    love the fishy mural!