Seeing red orange

I made the left turn out of my neighborhood without any problem this morning. Miraculously, there wasn’t any traffic. It did occur to me as I was halfway out into the street that I really couldn’t quite accurately *see* whether there was any traffic or not. There were so many construction barrels, all I could see was orange. I had a split-second of panic but it was okay and I was on my way. I thought. The Maple/Dexter light turned yellow and I slowed to a stop. I waited for the light to cycle. The cross traffic did its thing. It was my turn. I thought. I saw the opposing traffic enter the intersection. I waited for my green light. A construction bulldozer or whatever pulled up next to me. Traffic started filling in behind me. Hey wait! Why is the cross traffic going again? I didn’t get a green! Or did I? Could I have spaced it out? I know I didn’t. The next time the opposing traffic entered the intersection, I waved my hands in the air in a WTF? kind of gesture for the benefit of the taxi behind me, and *ran* the red light. I am *not* gonna sit here all day, you guys. Fix your traffic signal. Getting the rest of the way to Barry Bagels was not any easier but I won’t try to bore you with a complicated explanation. Getting home tonight? I have no words. A quick little 8-mile commute that took at least a half hour. It’s gonna be a long and probably hot summer. And no. Public transportation doesn’t go where I have to go.

And to whoever it was that left the crank voice mail message today? BITE ME!! Don’t worry, I don’t think it was any of my five readers. But I hate phones (er, except for my iPhone which is a great camera). I hate long, rambling voice mail messages about the wonderful things that your company can do for me, etc. The last thing I want to see when I walk in the door is that blasted red light blinking. Today, the message was nothing but buzzes. Like a busy signal. Sorta. I have a cell phone. If you know me, you should have the blasted number!!! Or, better yet, email me! We can arrange a phone call if we need to.

Sayonara, Kayak Woman

P.S. Don’t ask me about the price of oil, large SUVs driven by airheaded people with cell phones plastered to their ears, why the Planet Ann Arbor has a HUGE new high school that I get dizzy in, the most recent mortgage greed crisis, dropping the prime rate, what people are going to do with the much touted economic incentive check (btw, when are we gonna get that and how much is it?). Because you might not like the answer(s) very much.

One Response to “Seeing red orange”

  1. Valdemort Says:

    I’ll bet someone was trying to send you a fax!