The Commander takes on the Internet and just about everything else, so y’all watch out for Octowomen on the rampage.

Y’all have *got* to be tired of reading the typical Kayak Woman blather. I know *I’m* tired of it and I *write* the blasted stuff! Diarrhea of the keyboard, anyone? So today, I’m gonna post some stuff from none other than The Commander! She has access to post things on my blahg herself but is choosing to let me edit and post her stuff anyway. I guess she’s about had it with technology for the week after troubleshooting her blasted landline for about the umpteen millionth time and finally buying a new one. And heck, when The Commander asks commands me to do something, I do it. Usually. Anyway, I really haven’t edited this thing too much. Here it is:

Spring finally arrived on Saturday, the 12th of April, with beautiful sunny, no wind day.It was relatively pleasant for most of the week and now has returned to highs in the 40’s. I have seen two robins – usually scarce here at best. Betty says that I can drive in to the cabin but she probably means behind the garage, not to the front door.

April 6 to 12 was very busy with activities offered by the local library – a Sierra club film and talk about the Utah wilderness which includes many of our national parks as well as much private or government owned land. Oil drilling permits and private developments will eventually destroy many of the most beautiful areas I have ever seen. The week wound up with the arrival of Anne and Bill. [That would be me and the GG.] Snow that Saturday plus the news that a tree had fallen on their house during a storm across Ann Arbor on Friday – after they left for the Soo.

Anne and Bill left on Sunday and the week of 13 to 19 was busy with movies, meetings, and a phone which kept cutting off conversations plus cutting the internet off also when it was least appreciated ! ! ! Finally I reallized that it needed a new battery which takes a week to get because I cannot buy the right kind in town. We now have a new phone………………..

Betty and Mike have attended a series of concerts at Interlochen this winter. A jazz quartet was scheduled for April 18th for which they had tickets. Mike could not go so Betty asked if I would like to join her. Of course I would! So on Thursday we drove down to Petoskey, had lunch at our favorite bar, and drove on to Traverse City and checked in to the motel where Betty always stays.

After we checked in to our motel, we got on the road to Interlochen and found a very nice Italian restaurant with good food and a pleasant young man who gave us directions for the rest of the way to travel. We enjoyed the concert. It was a quartet consisting of a piano, bass, drums and sax. Loud but good jazz and more energy in 1 1/2 hours than I could imagine especially drums and piano.

Friday morning, we had an excellent breakfast at a restaurant about a block down the street — a place across the street from the motel where jack and I used to stay when we visited Traverse City. Clothing stores and then home with no further adventures. A very pleasant overnight and an adventure to be remembered!

You go girls!

P.S. Just to clarify: Saturday April 12th *ended* with spring weather but it started with a *blizzard*! It was way fun. But just to clarify.

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  1. isa Says:

    miss my grandmoom. good thing i’m coming to visit in july!