Oops, I guess the talking moose is in the system folder again.

I did not plan that skewgeed photographic effect. My iPhone did that all by itself as I was charging over to the Plum for groceries after work tonight. It kind of reminds me of back when Mouse was in middle school and she would be high-tailing it through the house on a mission of some sort and Izzy the rat would be hanging on to her shoulder for dear life. Today, it depicts my life in a neighborhood that only exits onto *one* street during a time of major construction on that *one* street. Anyway, I was on foot. Because I have all but given up on driving through the Maple/Dexter intersection these days. I took a “back” route home today, which I won’t even begin to try to describe. I can’t easily avoid the Maple/Dexter intersection but I can finagle it so I don’t have to go north or south, which is where the big problem is. So far. I got home, grabbed my grocery bags, and hoofed it over to the Plum. It is handy to have an upscale grocery store in a “downscale” neighborhood. I was so charged up from the walk that I dern near scared the pants off of some poor woman who was coming around one of the produce counters as I was swinging my cart around like a derailed train. Poor soul! I apologized profusely! I actually did have full control of the cart but I was dancing to some kind of frantic rock or whatever in my head. I would’ve been scared if I were her, too. Fifty bucks and two half-bags of groceries and I was outta there, hoofin’ it home again.

And, to the Marquis? er Maquis? Which is it, nobleman of hereditary rank or resistance fighter? You pick. I do not know what it means to have *PEBKAC* flash across your screen. My only guess is that the talking moose has gotten into the system folder again.

Love y’all, KW!

6 Responses to “Oops, I guess the talking moose is in the system folder again.”

  1. Pooh Says:

    My “spovely louse” is poking obscure fun at Macs and himself. PEBKAC is an acryonym we used to use when I was in network support. It stands for Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair. Otherwise known as operator error.

    As in the time I called a fellow administrator down to help diagnose a problem with the Chief of Engineering Division’s computer. Someone had sent him a CD and his CD drive wasn’t working. The problem was, he had one of the older computers, (since he usually preferred to have meetings and get information from people), and his Zenith did not have a CD Drive. He had put the CD in the floppy disk drive. After the other administrator finished laughing, we managed to fish out the CD. We did get the data to him, and the next cycle, we upgraded his computer. (BTW, the chief had gone to a meeting before I called down the other admin.)

  2. kayak woman Says:

    I figgered it was some kind of obscure joke but for the life of me, I couldn’t figger out what it *was*!

    And I dunno what it is with engineers but I’ve known a few others who insisted on being computer illiterate. But meetings often seem like about the last place to get information. At least coherent information.

  3. Webmomster Says:

    Meetings are great places for tangent-travelling and self-aggrandizement….

  4. isa Says:

    we laugh a lot at our meetings. and eat a lot of bagels. usually with tomato and avocado. yum bagels…

    …come to think of it our meetings are pretty productive…

  5. kayak woman Says:

    haha! I was mainly thinking of the YAG meetings. We were lucky if we got into the actual business of the organization by an hour into the meeting! 😉

  6. Maquis Says:

    or … Maquis shrubland, biome in Mediterranean countries with shrubland similar to North American chaparral.

    or … Maquis or ‘macchia’ is a type of high ground in Corsica covered in thick vegetation, where privateers used to hide.