Who the heck is Hannah Montana, anyway?

And what’s this about the twin towers getting hit again? There’s a lot of random talk floating around here tonight and I don’t understand most of it. But that’s par for the course because I am toadily roto from working all week and driving up to the Group Home here at Houghton Lake with a guy who was sneezing and cracking pistachio nuts the whole way and <clenched-teeth>making the obnoxious breathing noises that always seem to accompany the cracking of pistachio nuts</clenched-teeth>. I guess I should be ecstatic about the breathing noises though, given all the sneezing and the red, watery eyes, et al. Yes, it was a wonderful trip. Benadryl anyone? One time I was schlepping Mouse home from nursery school and it was quieter than usual in the back seat and we probably had the Wee Sing dinosaur tape on, you know, since it was back in the Jurassic Age. Suddenly she piped up with, “Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just take our whole house with us whenever we went to Houghton Lake or Grandma’s?” I’m not sure what her vision was but my vision involved the rattletrap old Landfill kind of clattering along the highway losing bits and pieces of flotsam and jetsam and cosmic debris as we went. Shingles, anyone? A nice birdhouse? And like, what about the A-ddition? Would it just fall off entirely somewhere along the freeway? Me? I’d just like to pack my clothes and my bag of laptops and cameras and their various peripherals crap, oh and don’t fergit the bourbon. I would step into a little booth, push some buttons, blink, open the door again and be there. Kind of like an elevator, you know? I like to drive but I do not like to drive at the same time that every other yayhoo is on the road going north, yakking on their cell phones and one nincompoop was slowly putt putting along blocking traffic *texting*. We’re here and I’m tired and Chloe Belle is obviously turning into a frog. G’night.

Grok grok grok!

One Response to “Who the heck is Hannah Montana, anyway?”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    Chloe needs a bit o’ pur-pul about th’ edges!!!