100 26 things

  1. My sidewalk this morning? Wet but well salted with just a few little patches of soft snow. Not slippery.
  2. Next door neighbor’s sidewalk this morning? Covered with old, soft, snow. Not slippery.
  3. Two houses down? Glare ice!
  4. KW? About face and back to The Landfill for YakTrax.
  5. Temperature 31 and bits of precipitation outta the dark sky? What was she thinking?
  6. An umbrella wouldda been useful too.
  7. General walking conditions? Highly and unpredictably variable! People, if you snowblow, SALT YOUR SIDEWALK! So it doesn’t turn into a sheet of glare ice!
  8. Bullpen across the street from Cube Nayber and I? Occupied by a new employee after a couple years of emptiness.
  9. I think that last is probably a positive thing, whaddy’all think?
  10. Work otherwise a bit dangereuse due to long suffering, cat herding person’s weekend acquisition of a light saber.
  11. Probably not as dangereuse as when I used to work over at That Darn EPA and a co-worker enjoyed squishing people’s bag lunches.
  12. Yes, really. With her bare hands.
  13. Y’all know dern well that KW now possesses a light saber too.
  14. I’ll let y’all guess where/how/how fast she got it.
  15. Grok grok grok! *I* wanna lite saber tooo. I wanna greeeeeeeen wun. grok grok grok frgodk grodko!
  16. (((((wonder what the new employee — who doesn’t work with our team — thinks about the light sabers/our sanity…))))
  17. From the radio: the Tiger Woman talks about threatening to lock her 3-year-old out in the cold for not practicing the puano (intentionally misspelled) for three hours.
  18. Three hours? Three-year-old? Huh?
  19. From the Landfill Chitchen: KW remembers when a certain Mouse would venture outside (of her own free will) in a SUNDRESS at temperatures of about 7 degrees above zero.
  20. (Note to self: Find that photooooo. It’s around somewhere.)
  21. Kayak woman ≠ Tiger Woman, at least not 99% of the time.
  22. Us “type A” personalities will always have our moments of child-raising panic!
  23. OMG! I didn’t teach my 3-year-old calculus yet! The sky is falling!
  24. I think about calculus all the time but I can’t remember much about how to actually “do” calculus. Whatever that means.
  25. I was thinking about calculus when I was 3 years old. I think I “did” calculus quite well back then, thank you very much.
  26. What are your 100 26 (is it 26?) things from today?

Or however many things. I could prob’ly come up with more than 26 but too many of the things that happened today fell into that loverly category of “I-can’t-blahg-about-it”. Cheers! –KW

One Response to “100 26 things”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Who is the Tiger Woman? She sounds very intense! BRRRR! I hate glare ice, but don’t venture out in it, even in the SUV. My dad has YakTrax but I’m not sure he’s even needed them yet. 🙂