Hey, baby! What’s yer sign?

Yeah. Remember when you were in college and you would be at a party somewhere and some marginally cute guy (or girl or whatever) would ask you that question? And they would immediately lose whatever little bit of cuteness that your beer googles goggles had initially bestowed upon them.

I don’t think I got asked that particular question too often. More often, I would get asked one of several other toxic questions. For me, anyway. What are you into? Where are you from? What is your major? That first question (What are you into?) does not deserve an answer! What do you mean? Into what? The answer to the second was “the UP” and I won’t even begin to describe the stereotypical questions that followed that. Sigh. That would be a whole ‘nother blahg entry. The third? Well. Hem hem. [Starting to feel my feet tapping a bit.] I would say, “I am a music major.” He would say, “Oh, so you sing.” Me (grimacing at bit at the lack of sophistication of the questioner): Nooooo…. I play the flute. Him: Oh!!! Do you dig Jethro Tull? At which point I would start looking for the nearest blasted WALL, so I could BANG MY BLASTED HEAD!!! True answer to the Jethro Tull question: Yes, of course. But.

Anyway… So, the zodiac has shifted? Am I still a Capricorn? Do I care? I have never really believed in the whole horoscope thing but I won’t deny that it used to be fun to read my horoscope in the newspaper, back when we had one in the Jurassic Age. And there were those Cosmopolitan magazine-type things about finding a maaaannn whose astrological sign complemented yours… Always fascinating…

Well. Even though I don’t really believe in astrology, I do definitely believe in Taurus. The Bull, don’tcha know. Late April, early May. Um, stubborn? Yes. Taurus seems to be one of my lots in life. My dad. And his brother. Who once, near the end of a beautiful beach day, when the conversation had deteriorated into whatever, in this case astrology, emphatically proclaimed that he was *not* a Taurus (despite his May birthday), all the while wearing his wife’s beautiful straw sun hat. Ooookaaayyy.

That was long after I married the GG, who is also a blasted Taurus, along with his twin brother. Why did I not ask, “What’s yer sign?” when I first met the GG? I dunno. And then… There is the Taurus that I gave birth to. How many ways can you say “stubborn?” Lemme see… “I’m gonna going to do it ANYWAY!” “I want ANOTHER mother!” “No, I am not [insert name on birth certificate here]. MY NAME IS MOUSE!!!”

I think y’all can change the zodiac to whatever you want it to. I never felt totally comfortable being a Capricorn. I mean, who would want to share their sign with Richard Nixon? Since I am close to the “cusp”, I always wanted Aquarius to seep into my sign a bit. You know, The Age of Aquarius! So, I’ll switch if I need to (and I’m not really sure that’s necessary). But I do not think the Tauruses in my life are gonna change much. Can we just rename whatever sign they end up in as “Stubborn”?

5 Responses to “Hey, baby! What’s yer sign?”

  1. Tonya Watkins Says:

    I don’t think we’re going to have to change after all — that ruckus had to do with the “celestial” zodiak that easterners follow, whereas us westerners apparently follow the “seasonal” zodiak, so we’re still A-OK. I guess. I have always felt a kinship with my Gemini sign, I have to admit. When I’d read my horoscope in those ancient newspapers I’d generally find myself nodding in agreement and even awe. (“That’s me, all right!”) And then my mother was the quintessential Taurus, no doubt about it. She was one bullish (and stubborn) woman who would NOT tolerate an ounce of bull-puckey from anyone!

  2. Margaret Says:

    I was a Leo and am still one–but I don’t really buy into the zodiac anyway. So, it doesn’t matter. I do prefer the lion to some of the other symbols though. 😉

  3. Jay Says:

    I have a stubborn taurus. I am the boring, well-balanced one. And it kind of fits. I don’t even know what my husbands sign is off hand.

  4. Pooh Says:

    Guilty as charged. (As a Taurus) I can be stubborn, and have a need to be right, which makes me want to butt heads with students who are trying to put one over on me. Oh wait, am I still a Taurus or am I an Aries now? I guess I’ll still be able to butt heads as an Aries.

    … OOH, she said “butthead”! LOL

  5. kayak woman Says:

    Yeah, forgot about Pooh. She is definitely a typical Taurus, just maybe stubborn in a bit quieter sort of way.