“Y’all come back now, hear?”

Said Jed Clampett on the Beverly Hillbillies reruns that were blaring at the laundromat yesterday morning. It is now around 9 AM Tuesday and as soon as I finish writing this post, I’m hitting the road. I’m feeling a little emo this morning. I was hoping a nice solitary kayak trip would give me some insight as to why or at least some strength but, although it was a nice ride, nothing particularly insightful came along, so I guess I’m just gonna have to just motor along about as usual.

I pulled all seven kayaks and assorted paddles up on the bank. Yes, that includes the Regenstreif kayaks. I flipped the canoe over. It is too heavy for me to drag up the bank alone. I cannot budge the Starcraft. To my eyes, it looks like it should be pulled up a considerable amount. The water is low this year and we can only hope there are no NW gales. All of the life jackets (I think, there’s one on the porch) are in the garage on the brown shelves. As are extra paper towels and tall white kitchen bags. The refrigerator is in relatively decent shape considering we’ll be back up.

I think I will travel the I75 SUV Speedway all the way down, for various reasons, construction be damned. I may or may not stop at the Houghton Lake Group Home on the way. If anyone needs to call me (you know who you are), my cell phone will be on.

It was fun up here the last ten days. We gave Grandaddy a pretty good sendoff I think, although ashes have not been scattered yet. Later this summer… I miss all you guys. I wish I had had a little more time with each of you. Life is so goddamn short.

Anyway, to paraphrase Radical Betty about a million years ago:

The beds are made
The dogs are out
The guests are gone
Now dance and shout

NOT!!! It’s a bad pic but the beds *are* made:


But I am not in the mood to dance and shout. The summer has really just begun and we are ready for more guests here!

I am outta here heading back toward the Planet. Onward.

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