Travelin’ Twice the Speed of Sound

Yesterday. Got up early. Walked the beach. Cadged coffee from Radical Betty and Grinch and retrieved Froggy from his all-nighter (grokka) with Green Guy, getting my daily dose of political commentary in the process. grok grok. yeah, Green Guy sure knows a lot o’ stuff! grok grok. Saw The Commander off to water ex and other octo-adventures. Cereal, email, dishes, pack. Kayaked the bay. Put as many boats and boat-related items away as was physically possible (note to GG, we need to put the rollers out for the Starcraft). Said good-bye to Suzie and Sandy for the year (sad). Drove to St. Ignace. Gas at Shell, holding my nose to shut out the odor of the gargoyle. Fast coffee at McDonald’s drive-thru parking lot. Crossed the bridge and on to the Houghton Lake Group Home. Obtained a few crackers to tide me over. Continued on down the I75 SUV Speedway to the Planet Ann Arbor. Went to the Kroger uscan (sigh). Sat in the Kroger parking lot in the rain and returned a call from Karen. Got back to the Landfill. Shoveled through mail. Cooked. Battled fruit flies and rodent crap. Sigh.

Don’t really want to be here because it doesn’t seem like there is a whole lot to look forward to. But here is where I am. So, while I was waiting for Marci at Barry’s this morning, I got on-line and made my own fun:

I hope none of those classes get canceled because I need something constructive to do this fall. I’ll be anxiously watching the class status until the minimum number of students has enrolled. Oh yeah, there are some little voices in my head.

Maybe I should check out some of the programs at one of the big universities around here. And then there is the breaking news that is opening a big new office here on the Planet. I wonder if there will be anything there for an old baggy programmer webmom wannabe like me…

Onward and maybe somewhat upward this time around. Yathink?

4 Responses to “Travelin’ Twice the Speed of Sound”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    Google! Goforit!

  2. Mark Says:

    One of Jane’s associates went there. Talk to her.

  3. kayak woman Says:

    Well, so far, the only jobs in the area that are *posted* (as near as I can tell) have to do with scanning stuff in the UM libraries (ick) or running ad-words accounts, which is not my bag, too much customer interaction ;-). And there is a LOT of talk about where the facility will be located. The air is heavy with the smell of greed. Along with a considerable amount of hype in general. So, we shall wait and see what develops…

  4. Webmomster Says:

    *makes snot-gurgle face* I hate corporations…and corporate greed…and developers…and developer greed…and the list goes on…