I hate when one of these blasted software update things starts up when I’m tired at the end of the day and trying to do my blasted blahg.

Updates on a few things, starting with the ducklings. Oh, not those specific ducklings. I remain hopeful that they made it to their final destination but I wasn’t there to see. But a friend of mine lives over in “that city they’re building behind Tarjay” as a school district administrator once called the then-new developments over on that side of town. She says that the ducks are pretty savvy around there and take their babies on regular routes through the neighborhoods to the ponds in the area. Right down the sidewalks, thank you very much. They seem to know not to parade down the middle of the street, although they do have to cross them. I’m hopeful that Mooma Duck knew what she was doing.

Work? Not that you asked. Hmm, I am *way* busy, now that I am sort of getting settled in to the project cycle. It’s going okay. I think. I have created a massive amount of html/css code with a sprinkling of javascript and a huge functional spec to match it. I have some wonderful mentors over there, like who’d think that an old bag like me would need a mentor? grok grok But I do. I have a lot of work to do and I could probably work more than 40 hours a week but I know better than to get into that *habit* although I can see there might be some crunch times.

Purple Heart is picking up in our neighborhood tomorrow (if they can get through the construction) and I am struggling to get enough stuff out there to make it worth their while. Why the heck is it so blasted hard to get rid of old clothes and stuff? And what am I ever going to do with the umpteen million stuffed aminals that I can’t bring myself to give away? Adoption program maybe? Hmmm. Maybe I could start with the Beanie Babies? Remember those?

I dunno what else. Oh, that’s a great blue heron rookery in the pic. It’s right off Old US27 by Houghton Lake and that’s only a small part of it. G’night, KW.

Er, double black diamonds at Chicago Midway?

3 Responses to “I hate when one of these blasted software update things starts up when I’m tired at the end of the day and trying to do my blasted blahg.”

  1. Jay Says:

    If you only want to give away your old, but nice, stuffies to a worthy adventure, sometimes the police and fire folks keep them on hand to help small children through difficult circumstances.

  2. Webmomster Says:

    Oooh – that’s a WONDERFUL suggestion, Jay! We’ve given serious consideration to that option, too … just have yet to actually ACT on it….

  3. Pooh Says:

    Even Dave was having trouble with putting away Zach and Teddie and some others. I did give a way a garbage bag full a couple of years ago, when the Girl Scouts were collecting gently used stuffies for foster children.