Snomg or Snomageddon or Snocopalypse begins? Or not?

Up front: the photooo is “apped”. I took it with my iPhone and I mucked around with various filters. It wasn’t that dark and the sky was *definitely* not turquoise. Think gray. But I can dream, can’t I?

So. Sno-what? I dunno yet. We’ll see. It wasn’t snowing when I drove home from work today. I walked into the Landfill, dumped my work laptop and lunch bag, changed from my ski-band to my bomber hat, grabbed a couple grokkery bags (grok grok) and started hoofing it over to the Plum Market. And it started snowing as I walked there.

I got partway home, almost to the Dexter/Maple intersection when I decided to try to take a “before” [snomg] photooo. I opened up my camera/phone to see that The Commander had called. Okay. Can’t call you back yet but I will when I get home (and do a few things).

Got home, did a few things, including… take off winter clothing, faaarrrr up MacBook, wash feet (yes), throw laundry into washer, get food in oven, make new ice, pour a nice drinky-poo for the GG minus ice (because he wasn’t home yet and one for me (with ice because I *was* home).

Called The Commander back. Headlights in the driveway. Hmmm. The GG is home. Get ice cubes in hand. At the ready. No one comes inside. Eventually, someone comes inside. Mouse! Glad she’s home safely. Glad she has thought to put Daisy in the driveway. Put ice cubes back in freezer until GG is finally home.

Everyone is home safe now. We still don’t know what we’re gonna get tonight. This is Meeeecheeegaaannn though and we will deal with whatever we get. No matter what, I am going to work here on Tangelo Row at least for the morning. Because I can. And the long-suffering, cat-herding person will probably not go in to the office either. So, why the heck should I? 😉

And so. We’ll see what kind of snow I’ll be photographing tomorrow morning.

7 Responses to “Snomg or Snomageddon or Snocopalypse begins? Or not?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Enjoy!! We had mid 40s, blue sky and sun today, with Mount Rainier out in all her winter glory. It was a nice break from the gray. I will look forward to your snow photos; that’s as close as I want to get to the stuff. I’m so over winter.

  2. Uncly Uncle Says:

    Hey, it’s just a snow storm. It’s no big deal.

  3. l4827 Says:

    The Blizzard is Beautiful! Enjoying drinkeypoos…..looking forward to sleeping in – in the morning with bacon and eggs and hot coffee in a nice warm snug houz.

  4. Sam Says:

    Snomg. Love that. May I use it? Stay comfy.

  5. jane Says:

    I made it to work with no real issues besides getting out of my parking lot (not plowed), but the street had been plowed, making a nice ‘plowed in’ barrier to get thru. with two cars parked across the street. then the circle road that my office building is on hasn’t been plowed, although private plowers had pushed lots of snow across the road while clearing out parking lots. so needless to say I didn’t always ‘stay in my lane’.

    I got to work and only my VP was here (about 10 cars total in the parking lot). he said I was the winner for getting in before everyone else. I asked what I won and he said I got to start working before everyone else. ;-(

    so the snow wasn’t so bad in the end, but the wind was wicked last night about 9:00 when I got home.

  6. kayak woman Says:

    We got what looks like about six inches, at least in my neighborhood. So, as Jane says, the roads are passable. She does have a good snow car. (That darn) EPA is closed today, so the GG is home. I’m working from home but mainly because I can. Others *have* to go to work. They don’t need any extra vee-hickles (i.e., me) on the road.

  7. pooh Says:

    Mark just called to say he made it to work safely. Yeah! We didn’t get up early, so he got to work about an hour late. He shoveled the walk, and I scraped the cars. I’m not going anywhere today, but it’s supposed to be very cold and windy tomorrow, so figured I’d do it today, and maybe I won’t have to do too much tomorrow, or whenever the schools open.