Snomg view from the Green Couch

All these fancy names are floating about: snomg, snowpocalypse, snowmageddon, and my own invention (as far as I know), snohum. This storm was pretty much a snohum for our area although I have to admit that all the hype plus some freezing rain-sounding precipitation that I heard when moved myself from the couch in the back room to my bedroom last night had me nervous enough that my dreamworld was populated by a tautological series of processing dreams, shoreline dreams, and an annoying earworm. I can’t tell you about the processing dreams, I can’t remember the shoreline dreams, and “vegemite sandwich” figured into the earworm. No, it was not fun!

We had about six inches by this morning. That’s not a lot for anywhere in the Great Lake State but it’s enough that I bagged my walk this morning in favor of shoveling snow. Hey, isn’t switching up forms of exercise a good thing? Uses different muscles and all that good stuff, roight? I did not bag my YakTrax. By the time I had walked outside and grabbed my shovel at, oh about 0-skunk-30, The Beautiful Marsha from across the street was already blowing my sidewalk! I “complained” that she had shoveled my snow! It was okay. There was plenty left, even for a snohum. So, while TBM blew every single blasted sidewalk up and down the whole block and a few driveways too, I fiddled and futzed around with my own driveway and finessed the sidewalk and made paths through the back yard to important points such as The Compost Heap. Yay for The Beautiful Marsha. She claims that she only does that because she wants to walk her dog. Maybe so, but I bet she also loves using that thing! Love you, Marsha!

My modus operandi for 0-skunk-30 snow shoveling operations is to start up all of the vee-hickles associated with the Landfill (currently that’s three), turn on the front and rear defroggers, and ramp up the heat and the blowers and just let ’em sit there and idle. By the time I am done shoveling, zee veeeeendsheeeelds are pretty dern clear.

So, if it was just a big snohum, why did KW decide to work from home? Well. We did get six inches of snow by early this morning and more throughout the day. Around here that’s not insignificant and I’ve encountered terrible roads after storms with fewer inches than that this winter. And… I *can* work from home. There are plenty of people who *need* to get to work. Emergency personnel, for one, plus they have to be able to traverse the roads to do their jobs. That’s the obvious example but there are essential people in many other industries, including my own on-line banking industry. I am not one of those essential people. I am on the design end of things and have nothing to do with keeping systems and servers and things up and running during snomgs and their associated power outages or whatever. I can sit and work on the Green Couch watching all the dogs go by. Really, anyone who is an essential employee of anything does not need anyone extra (like me) on the road.

And so. They closed the EPA today, so the GG was home all day. I don’t even think he even went outside today, which is okay… It never seemed like they ever closed the EPA when *I* worked there, no matter what was predicted, so go figger. And it was Mouse’s day off and don’t even ask me about that. We got a little bit more snow throughout the day but nothing serious. I went out to touch up my earlier shoveling job in the late morning and good old Mr. Golden Sun was trying his darndest to make an appearance. I went back out in the late afternoon to throw some more salt down and take some compost out via my newly shoveled path and hand some faaaarrrwood in to the GG and there was a brilliant sunset. I predict clear and cold for tomorrow.

They haven’t plowed here yet. Working from home is fine but I’m looking forward to getting over to my loverly, dog poopy cube tomorrow.

We had a more or less snohum. I know that others have had a different experience with this storm. Hope you are all managing. And I think you are.

One Response to “Snomg view from the Green Couch”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I think we had that much in November, or places around here did and it was a definite Snowmageddon for us. (you already know we are woefully ill-prepared for the stuff) I think NYC got freezing rain, according to Ashley, which was cold and slippery. I don’t know which would be worse. *as I sit here in the sunshine*