Life, the universe, and everything.

So, what’s good? What’s good is having a career that actually pays me for my time. What’s bad, or maybe hard is a better word, is being new and not having a whole heckuva lotta vacation time available. Not that I’m looking for enough time to circumnavigate the globe on a camel or anything. But I don’t have a whole lot of time. Of *course*, I knew that going in. I knew that this summer would be hard. I won’t have all that much time to get up to the beach. The last couple years in particular, I boomeranged back and forth all summer. 10 days north, 10 days south, ad infinitum until it got too cold to stay there. Not this summer. I am ready for that (I think). It’ll get better. My employer is not a slave driver, actually, they seem to be more than generous in many ways. But what *is* hard is that I can’t get to see The Commander as much as I want to. It has hit hard the last couple of days, as I have finagled an extra day off this weekend so I can go up north and schlep boats and furniture and octo-women around and clean toilets, etc., that I am my moom’s only living child and she’s five hours away and she can’t drive here and I have so little time to drive there. And you really cannot fly from here to there. I know that there are plenty of other people in the world* that will use every last bit of personal/sick/vacation time that is allotted to them, whether or not they need it or have actual *work* to do. I am not like that. My work ethic makes it hard for me to even ask for what little time I am entitled to.

* I’m talking about the world in general here, people where I work seem to have quite the work ethic.

4 Responses to “Life, the universe, and everything.”

  1. Sam Says:

    Yeah, I’m not an only child at this point, but I know what you mean about looking after parental units making for some tough and complex scheduling. I wish I were going to the UP this weekend!

  2. Dog Momster Says:

    Ditto!! Hugs & Love!

  3. Pooh Says:

    Maybe as you get more familiar with the job you can use the telecommuting option sometimes. Does it have to be from the A2 home? How about telecommuting Fri. and Mon. from the Soo every other weekend?

  4. mouse Says:

    grokgrok. i miss grandmoom. did you try the jam i brought you yet? (i still need to send the other jar to grandmoom! it’s still in a bag in my living room.)