Footer text file? Footer text file? Footer text file?

Somebody finally figured out that I wasn’t actually totally crazy. That I was talking out loud while participating in an I/M conversation. It wasn’t a bad day at all. It was just Friday. Late in the day, at that. A brilliantly sunny day at the end of a rather weird week, what with a snohum and working from home on Wednesday. It’s okay. I was brain dead this afternoon but I’ll fix the problem that prompted the I/M convo first thing Monday morning.

Came home and walked downtown to meet Mouse for dinner at Seva. Very, very treacherous walking, even with YakTrax. Lots of black ice everywhere and so many people apparently haven’t even thought about putting out sand or salt. Bad. Roads are tricky too. Lots of dry pavement but, with the brilliant sunshine of the last couple days, plenty of random patches of black ice there too. And that means accidents, although the one that forced me to dump off the I94 18-wheel Clogway an exit early this morning apparently caused no injuries and the one where the big old van somehow slid off the road in my business park was just plain funny. How fast were you going and how bald are your taaarrrs? Sheesh!

Feeling just a bit on the down side too. Oh, nothing serious. Just a little tint of blue over the usual kaleidoscope of my life. The girl they pulled out of the fire in our neighborhood last Saturday morning died. I did not know these kids. They were younger than mine. But I’m having a hard time with this. She was a good friend of the girl across the street from us. I have walked by the burned house about a billion times over the years. The kids who died were only 20 or so, probably high on life having a great time living on their own, renting a house here in a pretty darn decent neighborhood on the west side of the Planet Ann Arbor. No working smoke alarms. I hate smoke alarms. I am also terrified of fire. No working smoke alarms. I can’t even imagine how the parents can move forward.

Okay. Hopefully, that is out of my system, at least for tonight. Guess what? Wasn’t Groundhog Day just a few days ago? That means we are heading down the backside of winter. Right now, we are poised at the top of the hill, pointing our skis or sleds or toboggans or cafeteria trays or whatever downward and just starting to push off. I love winter. But I am starting to get sick to death of getting dressed for it everyday. Layering up in the morning and peeling off all the layers at the end of the day. Starting up my vee-hickle 10 minutes before I leave in the morning to thaw zeee veeeendsheeeeld and slithering all over the place on black ice.

Good night. Sleep tight. Or not. Please check your smoke alarms. Drive carefully and slow down a little bit, fer kee-reist. Buy some YakTrax and keep a watchful eye out for black ice. Love to everyone, especially my own beach urchins. Kids carful lucky-shucky. And other dangereuse stuff too.

3 Responses to “Footer text file? Footer text file? Footer text file?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I hate our smoke alarms when they chirp but would worry a lot without them. Very sad news indeed.

  2. Sam Says:

    What a tragedy‚Ķfires are awful. I don’t know what to say/write.

  3. kayak woman Says:

    It’s okay. There’s nothing to say… Really. I didn’t know the kids at all. But I’m feeling a bit spooked. One of the things that bothers me the most is that I was walking two blocks away from the scene less than two hours after it happened and I didn’t hear anything or smell smoke. Just bizarre. Neighbor across the street usually sees/hears *everything* that happens and he didn’t even hear sirens, although a friend of his on Miller reported that firetrucks were *screaming* up Miller.