Come on over. The weather is fine and the chicken pot pie is purple.

It snowed today. It snowed a LOT today. It snowed more (in my not-always-humble opinion) than it snowed earlier in the week when we were threatened with Snowmageddon and everything on the entire planet shut down. The forecast for Snomageddon began THREE DAYS before the storm. The forecast for today’s storm? Nada. Cloudy with a chance of meatballs scattered flurries. Roight.

I understand that meteorology is an inexact science. (Are there any sciences that are not, when you come right down to it?) I really don’t care if the forecasters are wrong occasionally. Or always. It’s the media hype that kills me. It’s winter and this is Michigan and the snow gods will do what they will do and sometimes it will not be predictable. We have a lotta lakes around the Great Lake State. Big ones, don’tcha know. With names like Huron, Erie, and Michigan. And Superior. They have a way of changing the game. And so I found myself shoveling something like six inches of snow outta my sidewalk and driveway and a path through the back yard to boot on a day when no snow was predicted.

I was on the phone with The Commander and I was looking at the sunset (!) when the GG texted to say that he and the rest of the “Bingy” travelers were in the Toledo area. The snow seems to have stopped here, which is why I could see the sunset. I caught the tail end of the sunset in the photooo, which also shows part of my loverly shoveling job and Luke’s truck.

And yes, those are xmas lights reflected in the photooo there. If you live in the Great White North, you need all the light you can get in the winter. The more colorful, the better. Some say that February can be the longest month in the year and sometimes that seems true. I know that I’ve had my own moments of angst or spookiness or whatever you want to call it in the last few days. But then again, I have been x-c skiing on February days when I looked up into a gorgeous blue summer-like sky. Hang in there folks! Shoveling is good exercise! I’m feelin’ it tonight! In a good way! 😀

Love you all,
Yooper Woman

2 Responses to “Come on over. The weather is fine and the chicken pot pie is purple.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Snow is beautiful and so is blue sky. We get what we get!! Stay warm.

  2. Becky Says:

    Really purple chicken pot pie – how fun :). I like snow, but I like mine w/ a side of sunshine. I want to dig in the ground, I want to smell cut grass, and I want open the windows! I’m not really a Florida fan – except for Jan & Feb when I dream of the beach and warm sand. With that said, I hope to see you up at the cottage before the snow melts 🙂