In which Stormy Kromer clears the storm sewer with his Sooper Dooper Yooper Scooper

What did y’all do todayf? Me? I was pretty darn domestic today, in the Landfill Chitchen, at least. First, I made chicken pot pie. I should specify that I (largely) *re*-made chicken pot pie (CPP). I made it yesterday too. But. It turned out PURPLE!!! Hooowwww did it turn out purple? Well. I walked over to my fave Plum Market yesterday to procure a few CPP ingredients. Including carrots. I was seduced by this beauteous multicolored bunch of organic carrots. Two different oranges and a gorgeous red. I chopped them all up and cooked them up in some chicken broth with celery and potatoes aaaannnddd… Well, I bet my cuzzint Pooh could dye Easter eggs (or fabric) with those loverly red carrots! Because the veggie part of the pie filling turned a loverly shade of purple.

I was making CPP for dinner last night, at least tentatively. The GG had been off on a junket to Bingy (aka Binghamton, NY) with Dogmomster and Pengo Janetto and they were returning yesterday. I was kind of wishing I had come up with a fancier, more vegan-friendly dinner plan than CPP and then I looked at that purple mess and realized I could not serve it to guests, even guests who also happen to be family. Blech. So I bagged that and we had a nice dinner at Knight’s instead. Yay for having a restaurant/pub right around the corner. Be careful though because I am not sure they measure their cocktails. Which is partly why we like it. But we can walk there. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway, I got up this morning and looked at the whole purple CPP mess and realized that, even though it would probably taste fine, well blech… I just didn’t want to eat it. I hate to waste food but this was just too much. So I hoofed it back over to my fave Plum Market and bought some nice, regular *orange* carrots and I started over again. Except I had saved the chicken itself and the biscuit dough for the top. Ain’t no way I’m gonna roll out pie dough. I’m a little worried about the biscuit dough. I downloaded Mark Bittman’s app to my phone and I’m trying his recipe with yogurt instead of milk. The consistency of this dough is nothing like what I usually make. Not that I am any kind of biscuit expert. I usually use the drop biscuits from my ancient Joy of Cooking. I have a post-it note marking the page. So, we’ll see how this turns out. But at least nothing is purple!

And I made some meatloaf. I have not made meatloaf in ages. I have a fancy recipe for that with apples and apricot jam and vinegar and almonds and stuff. I bought some fancy grass-fed local ground beef for that and some ground turkey to cut it with. Why I am bothering with the turkey, I am not sure. Maybe I’ll re-think it. Apparently, our government, in its infinite wisdom, is abandoning the food pyramid and just telling people to eat less. I’m getting off on a tangent here but, no matter what the government or anybody else tells people what to eat, they will eat what they want to eat. They will eat what they can afford to eat. They will eat what they have access to buy. They will eat what they know how to cook and/or have the facilities to cook it. (Did that all make sense?) So why bother with all these fancy pyramids and things. (I want the pharaohs but there are only men.)

And. Finally. I… made… chocolate… chip… cookies! Yes. Cookies! I am not really much of a baker. I don’t have the patience for the kind of fiddly stuff that a lot of baking requires. Chocolate chip cookies? I can do those. I have been making them ever since I can remember and I have the recipe internalized. I was attentive today and so my cookies turned out to be absolutely perfect! Do you want some?

The photooos are of the GG aka Stormy Kromer using his Sooper Dooper Yooper Scooper to clear out the entrance to the storm sewer. There is a 16-second video of this on Facebook if you are friends with me on there.

Good night. The Superbowl is on the TV here. I am not watching it. I am not a football fan but I am definitely rooting for the Packers. For a few reasons. One of them being that, although I don’t remember my dad being an avid fan of team sports, he did sometimes watch the Green Bay Packers on TV when I was a kid. It is a Yooper-type team and us yoopers will always win in the end. GO PACKERS!

4 Responses to “In which Stormy Kromer clears the storm sewer with his Sooper Dooper Yooper Scooper”

  1. Sam Says:

    Don’t think purple chicken pot pie: think anthocyans! Although I understand! Good excuse to go out to dinner; I’ll have to โ€™member that! (Meatloaf these days I make with bison, using a take-off of the Gourmet cookbook’s version.) I remember dining at Chez KW last week, and, yummm!

  2. Margaret Says:

    You were a domestic goddess! Purple cpp would be hard for me to eat too. I hate making crust!! But I love choc chip cookies. GO PACKERS.

  3. Jay Says:

    We make turkey meatloaf regularly. I love it.

  4. jane Says:

    The Packers won and it was a very exciting game! I went over to a friends house — they have a new 60″ tv (it is BIG!) and HD and lots of good food. they live a bit out in the country in a lovely home — I would like to go back there on a nice summer day when I can see their property. ๐Ÿ˜‰