One of the cats says to the other…

I have started to write this entry about three times and haven’t been able to get any traction. Lots of topics floating around in my head but can’t come up with anything coherent. Y’all are saying something like, “when are you ever coherent?” So, random stuff…

I am behind on the New Yorker. I am frequently behind on the New Yorker but that’s a long, boring story. I am currently (and randomly) reading the January 24th issue and it is pretty surreal to read all about AOL and its CEO and his ideas and strategies for the future of AOL in an article where the Huffington Post is given only a fleeting mention as another news-type site.

The Huffpo is one of 8-10 news apps I have downloaded to my iPhone[/iPad] since a few months ago when I admitted publicly on this here blahg that I was woefully unprepared to vote in the 2010 mid-term election and vowed to start paying more attention to current events. Among the others is the NYT and USA Today and the Ann Arbor Chronicle and Fox. Okay. Have I turned myself into a news junkie? Not really. Sigh. (Actually, the Ann Arbor Chronicle is not an app, it’s a local news blog.)

At about the same time as all of that, I think I also vowed to study/explore/whatever our country’s constitution. Have I done that? Well, I do have the iPhone app. I think I have opened it up a few times. I read an interesting article from somewhere in my stack of New Yorkers about the constitution that may (or may not) color my own reading of it. If I ever get a round tuit. Sigh.

And then. I am not sure how I got to *this* particular point in my life but I started thinking that I haven’t ever really read the, uh, Bible. I mean, there is some stuff that I remember from Sunday School and I once [tried to] read through the beautiful little New Testament that Grandaddy and Bolette brought me from Jerusalem (er, not that they were religious ’cause they really weren’t). This little book is gorgeous with carved wooden covers and gilded pages and beautiful pictures here and there. I have always treasured it. In a way, I probably know more than I think I know, but in another way, I know jack-doodly. Well, what the heck? There must be a bible app, roight? And yes there are, and, kee-reist, I cannot figger out which one to download. Anyone have any experience with this? I am sure I will spend *all* of my time reading the bible if I can get it on my phone. Roight. Just like the constitution. (Er, there is apparently a confession app for all my Catholic friends.)

Now… If somebody would please, please, please develop an apparation app so, when I am struggling to tell The Commander how to do something with her iPhone, I can just pop up to the Yooperland and fix it for her, have a leetle wee glass o’ whine with her, and pop back down here to The Planet Ann Arbor.

Onward and upward(?),
Kayak Woman

4 Responses to “One of the cats says to the other…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I tried to read the Bible and didn’t make it very far. Hard going. I’m paying less and less attention while you’re paying more. Keep me updated on the world, OK? I feel like I’m in a cave.

  2. jane Says:

    don’t know why I’m commenting becasue for sure I have no advice on the bible. although Bubs will tell you that it will help with your NYT crosswords.

  3. kayak woman Says:

    The xword is exactly what started me off on this tangent.

  4. grandmothertrucker Says:

    I heard about the Roman Catholic Confession App yesterday. For $1.99 all your sins can be absolved. Wow….. what a joke. They do have apps for everything now though, so I am sure you will find the right one.