It’s a hole in the wall but the food is really good.

The Groke came through overnight and froze everything she touched solid. So I bagged my walk. Really, it was only a few degrees below zero, according to my chitchen thermometer. I can easily dress for those temperatures unless the wind is blowing a gale but I bagged it anyway. The technical reasons are long, boring, and complicated. The psychological reason? Ennnhhh… And I didn’t want to wear my snowpants.

I have spent a *lot* of time with the long-suffering cat-herding person this week. We are in an intense design phase at the moment and he is The Man when it comes to ux design for our product. This week is in sharp contrast to the period of time last summer when he took a week off and then I took a week off and then he was missing in action the Monday I got back to work and, when he finally did get back into work, I walked by his office and asked, “Remember me?” and got the response, “No, what’s your name?” I love working for the LSCHP but I am exhausted this week. In a good way. But we have one more day to go… (No, he doesn’t read this blahg. This blahg would be waaaaay too boring for him. He puts up with enough blather from me at work…)

The scene in the photoooo is the aftermath of an overconfident young man who apparently thought that, since we have not had any new snow in something like five days, the streets are all clear and dry. Just like summer. Not so much. The freeway and the major streets are dry and almost all the side streets have been plowed. They aren’t slippery except when they are. There is still quite a bit of ice around on some of the side streets, including mine, as you maaayyy be able to see in the photoooo. I hate all car accidents but this is the kind that I can almost kind of sort of laugh about. I don’t know what he did. The car is empty in the photo but when I was driving up the street toward home, he was still in the driver’s seat with a cell phone to his ear. Calling dad or more likely mom, no doubt. I am glad he wasn’t hurt. The rental house fire fatalities in our neighborhood have been almost too much for me. I can’t imagine losing a 20-year-old child. That would be 20 years of my life that I would have to somehow… try to… re-define.. I am not sure if I could do that. I am glad that this kid wasn’t hurt and I am glad he wasn’t coming around the corner when I was driving up the street. With any luck, he has learned to slow down.

2 Responses to “It’s a hole in the wall but the food is really good.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I have a fear of slipping on ice and looking stupid in my 4 wheel drive SUV. So I would prefer to stay at home. Glad he’s OK. I can’t imagine losing a child either. My parents went through it twice and it was awful both times.

  2. Sam Says:

    Had to ask the Guru what “ux” is….