Where I am not and Stormy Kromer and democracy

I am here on the slodgy old Planet Ann Arbor. I can’t remember when the GG took that photoooo of meeeee driving across the Big Mac. Sometime last fall though ’cause that’s when I bought that loverly blue polartech jacket. The GG is up in the Yooperland with The Commander and the North Country Trail folks. We are in kind of different stages of life at this point. As a career government computer scientist (or whatever he calls himself these days), he gets about a billion vacation days a year. He can potentially “retire” in a few years and sometimes I think he is practicing up for it now. Me? I am nowhere near any kind of retirement, knock on wood that my company/industry remains stable enough that there aren’t layoffs or whatever. Nothing in life is a sure bet. But, as you are sick of hearing, I love my job and hope it stays around a few years. So he is up there checking up on various octo-folk and nona-mooses and I am happy about that because winter can get to be pretty dern long for those folks (and the rest of us too).

Barack Obama has a Stormy Kromer hat! How many of y’all Stormy Kromer wanna-bees out there knew that? Huh? The GG prob’ly has five Stormy Kromer hats now. There’s a red/black check and a couple of shades of tan and I fergit what else. And he has a vest too. I think he had some idea that an Ida Kromer hat would be a good Christmas gift for yer favo-rite blahgger. Thankfully, I squelched that idea rather firmly. I am not interested in looking like Elmer Fudd’s wife. I look ridiculous enough in my beeyootyful bomber hat, black with silver hologram sequins. Although people are always telling me what a cool hat it is. I have to credit Dogmomster, who doesn’t post on her blahg anywhere near often enough, for this paragraph. She posted this NPR story on Facebook. I sorta heard it on my way to work this morning but totally missed the bit about the SK hat and the *history* of the term “Michigander”. Abraham Lincoln? Did I get that right? Okay, I am a Michigander for sure!

Egypt. Okay. This morning, somebody tweeted that Mubarak had stepped down. I know that a lot of folks are dancing in the streets about this. I believe that democracy, with all of its flaws, is an optimal method of government. I certainly have a good life here in our democratic system. I don’t have to pander to some authority figure [arguably, think TSA patdowns]. We have lots of folks in our wonderful country who do not have good, relatively easy lives like mine (knock on wood big time) but I think all of our lives would be worse under a dictator. I am glad that the Egyptian people have managed to get their dictator to step down. I also think that those people have a long road ahead and probably many bumps along that road to whatever new government they choose. Any excitement that I have is tempered with the idea that Eqyptians are now (if I have this right) under military rule. I hope that turns out okay…

2 Responses to “Where I am not and Stormy Kromer and democracy”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m embarrassed to admit that I had to look up that hat! I think it would look great on Obama. The Egypt situation scares me. I hope it doesn’t turn into a repeat of Iraq, no more Saddam Hussein but mired in violence and chaos for years and years. (still?)

  2. Kathy Farnell Says:

    I understand that one of the Twinz of Terror suggested that the North Country trail group get Stormy Kromer hats embroidered with their name on them and they did it.