Mt. Slushmore

If y’all are looking for beauteous photoooos today, you can try your luck somewhere else ’cause about all yer gonna get here is iPhone photoooos of the Slushmore Mountain Range.

Yes. It is getting to be “that” time of winter. They are running out of places to put snow (even though we really haven’t had that much snow), so they are apparently piling some of it up in Vet’s Park. This is kind of what Sault Ste. Siberia looks like at this time of year most winters, when they really do run out of places to put snow and so they shovel snow into dumptrucks and, well, dump it elsewhere. I am not quite sure why there is this mountain range in Vet’s Park but whatever.

If you can let your imagination take over, the mountain in the photooo above looks a bit like the Matterhorn, which I looked up today because it was the answer to a clue in the NYT xword. Or maybe I’m on crack, as the LSCHP likes to say.

I actually think that the last photooo is rather beauteous in its own way. I could not see my iPhone screen when I took it, which makes it even more beauteous. Point and shoot takes on a whole new meaning. But I love the sun rays and there’s the old Vet’s Park sledding hill off in the distance.

I took these photooos during a wondrous little mini-hike over to the Westgate shopping center. I had a loverly time navigating my way over there on foot. I mean that. I am hale and hearty and it isn’t hard for me to traverse the snowbanks between the sidewalk and the street at every intersection. I was on my own little mini-adventure so this was fun. But. Man oh man, if I were a nonamoose and did not have a drivers license, I would’ve been housebound today. Take the bus, you say? Well. How do you take the bus if, after navigating the randomly cleared sidewalks throughout the neighborhood to the bus stop, you have to climb a snowbank to get on to the damn bus?

I think there is a long diatribe about all of this somewhere inside me but I’m not gonna bore you with it tonight.

Good night,
Kayak Woman

3 Responses to “Mt. Slushmore”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Those look like rock formations, but they are actually brown snow? Yikes, I’ve never seen that much in my entire life.

  2. Marquis Says:

    I thought that the GG bought you a nice camera?

  3. Pooh Says:

    We had an ice storm on top of pre-existing snow several years back, when I rode the bus to my job downtown. In the morning, I’d usually stand in the side street right before the bus stop. On the way home, there was no side street at the bus stop. The driver said, I’m going to open the door just as close to the bus stop sign as I can, and you grab that sign post as you get off, so you don’t slip off the ice bank. It was very good advice, and I thanked him while clinging to the sign post. Once the bus had left, I still had to negotiate my way down the two foot ice bank to the street. Dicey, icy 🙁