26.6666666666 + 8.666666666 = x, 226 – 141 = y, z = 42

Readers wanna know!

Memories Pooh? Trespassers W? Dunno how it got there. iPhone editing and somehow couldn’t get it to scroll through all the categories. I know of someone who uses something like 11 categories in her iPhoto. Right? Not me. And that’s why I don’t normally use categories at all. Because I always end up with umpty-nine squillion categories. Which kind of makes them useless, right? Anyway, we are here at the beach and we currently do not have Internet access at the cabin at all. Well, not quite at all because I can get online with the iPhone. We are wrestling out how to steal some bandwidth from the Green Guy Internet Cafe but a plumbing disaster interrupted our efforts. So, if I want to get my “real” computer online, I have to go down to the beach (if it’s not foggy) or over to chez Green Guy. And last night, I, Kayak Woman, actually chose face-to-face social activities over my MacBook. Whaddya y’all do with categories and tagging and all that stuff?

Two. We were turning on the water Friday afternoon and I was futzing around in the kitchen and suddenly The Commander screeched, “Did you get water on the floor again?” “Probably,” I sighed to myself. Then I turned around and saw that the amount of water on the floor didn’t even come close to equaling anything I had been doing at the kitchen sink, plus it was coming from the other direction! A pipe had split over the winter and the GG had to take the cabin apart to fix it. It was loads of fun and now we own some kind of a torch or whatever!

Three (and four). I will have to turn over the time traveling flux capacitator question over to an expert. Froggy? Are you awake yet? And I don’t think I’ll tell y’all about the squirrel undertaker. No I did not get a picture!

Grok grok grok! I wanna snore in front o’ th’ Saterday mornin’ cartoons too! grok grok grok!

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