Pickin’ off ticks. Think they’re in my vee-hickle.

Don’t worry, they’re dog ticks. Gotta go home today. Can’t really process the weekend enough to write much about it, so random sentence fragments will have to suffice. Chilly, sunny weather through yesterday morning, then warmed up and rained on and off. T-storms last night. Flowering trees are just beginning to flower, last year that happened much earlier in the month. Just heard on NPR (just now! Green Guy is streaming it) that Lake Superior is seven inches higher than last year and it’s true the water is higher. No sandbars this year. I dunno. I know that low water is not a good thing but there’s a part of me that loved that huge, luxurious beach. Kayaks are out but never got around to putting one in because of weather (and laziness). Skunk cabbage hunting expotition to Naomikong yesterday. Click here or on the pic, only got one skunk cabbage shot though. Gotta get on the road today. Very reluctantly. Suggest folks bring sleeping bags this summer if at all possible since your favorite washerwoman will not be available to schlep laundry around when you leave. Also more plumbing work will probably need to be done at some point. I do like what was done with the Old Cabin’s front porch. Nice interpretation and I’ve got a couple of pics I’ll post later in the week. Didn’t go inside. Back on the road again soon. Sigh.

Haha! This just in from one Kimberley Winston at unworthiestv06@zaio.com: subject: “Best”. Message: “Your life is crap.” This is one spam email I actually entertained replying to for a split-second: “Thanks! I needed that! :-)”

4 Responses to “Pickin’ off ticks. Think they’re in my vee-hickle.”

  1. Sam Says:

    Even overcast, that’s a gorgeous part of the world, and your pictures uplift my soul.

  2. Dog Momster Says:

    Oooh! Love the pix! Can’t wait till I can get up there again (*sigh*, may not be until late July… 🙁 ). The “reddish” baby pine cones are so COOL!

    OK, back to cleaning up dog pee…. (gotta love reality)

  3. kayak woman Says:

    actually the really bright sunny days have this strange arid aura about them. We really do need rain up there.

  4. Dog Momster Says:

    OMG!! Did you *look* at “zaio.com”? It’s title: “Transforming Real Estate Data into Valuation Knowledge”, with a mission statement and Everything! Doubt any real estate database company would really want to be spamming folks with what you got….

    Hilarious, the domains ganked by spammers….