Upward, hopefully

It is a wonderful thing to start out the day by pulling yet another tick (dog variety) off of your body. At least I think it was a tick. I was in the shower, it was on my thigh. At first, I thought it was a poison ivy pustule or whatever it is you call those things. Except it came completely off in my hand. Tick-like. I didn’t see it. It fell and must’ve gone down the drain or something. Good riddance. Too much information? I’m sorry. Hopefully the day will improve? Please??

Update: slideshow now up

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4 Responses to “Upward, hopefully”

  1. Dog Momster Says:

    Could’ve just been a bit of Cabin Flotsam or Jetsam, too, instead of a tick….

  2. Sam Says:

    Photo number nine is exquisite. Loved all of ’em; thanks so much!

  3. Marquis Says:

    I reviled and then repulsed some engineers. They were talking about the new Indiana Jones movie. None of them had seen the movie yet. They were describing how they thought a REAL archeologist should act. i.e. dusting the artifact while it disappears. I had to tell them a story Sam told us in 1980. 1980 had a hot summer. I think it was Mark Twain Lake that Sam was surveying. Anyway, as I recollect Sam and her cohorts would pull ticks of their bodies and then flick them on the hood of their truck and would watch the parasites dance across a ‘Hot Tin Roof’

  4. Sam Says:

    I admit to tick torture. When you pick fifty or more ticks off your body every workday, you change, I guess. And this was before Lyme Disease was in the news. Yes, we regularly watched tick-dancing while you ate your sandwich. Sick! (PS It was another lake, though.) One time, we’d had rain for four days and so hadn’t been out in the field (so had a break from tick exposure), and I was doing paperwork in the field house and found a tick crawling on my leg. That one got stapled. You use the tools at hand. —Apologies for the high grossness factor….