The webcam is fixed!

Mostly. I have a little bit of html work to do tomorrow when my brain is less stoopid. Man, that was a convoluted ordeal. It ended up that the FTP access for posting pictures was suspended for “strange activity”. Well, yeah. That’s because I had to change the password. Because I couldn’t remember the one I changed it to when the host got hacked last spring* and suspended everybody’s account and made us all change to one of those impossible-to-remember passwords with a mix of upper and lower-case letters and numbers and symbols. Actually, I couldn’t even remember that whole episode at first. I think I probably blocked it! There has got to be a better way! Anyway, I changed the password *again* but, unfortunately, I forgot (or maybe it just wasn’t on my radar screen to begin with) that the webcam has to log in to the ftp server every time it wants to post a picture. Since it did not have the correct password, it tried to log in about a bajillion times without success. Yes, that would be strange activity. My brain is in a total fog today plus I was throwing together a snacky type dinner from the Landfill Refrigimatator and Plum Market, so I made the GG fight his way through it all and, in the end, he triumphed. As he usually does when it comes to mechanical or computerized stuff. A lot of times that’s a good thing. There are moments when it’s insufferable.

So, it is Friday night and we are here at the Houghton Lake Group Home. We are gonna x-c ski tomorrow but I have this stoopid cold. It’s the same one the GG had a week ago and I think I have a milder version but man, have I been coughing today and my brain is stoopid. And I’ve been cold. Not a particularly normal state for me. At any rate, I was thinking of making a typical kind of American pre-skiing breakfast tomorrow: eggs, bacon, and potatoes. With rosemary. Except I did not bring any real live rosemary up here with me. But then. I was wrapping up the leftovers from the snacky dinner and there were some little chicken wings and things and, lo and behold, there was a sprig of rosemary in there! Who knew. A good omen for the weekend? I hope so. Oh, and there are something like five bottles of barbecue sauce around here but no salad dressing. (Hey, this is a group home and you never quite know what’s gonna be here or where it’ll be and that’s part of the fun.) But that was okay because my Mouse (who has the weekend off to ski) grabbed some red-wine vinegar, olive oil, garlic powder, and oregano and whatever and made some. Just like her grandmoose, The Commander.

*Not ababsurdo’s host. A different host. My web life is complex and you do not wanna know.

One Response to “The webcam is fixed!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I hate trying to remember passwords and log-ins. Some require numbers, some don’t. What a pain! I’m still fighting off my cold, but it’s winning…