Fish flies in February

There was a whole herd of deer out there in the early evening but these were the only two that I managed to catch on my loverly iPhone cam. I will say that there is a crapload (yes) of deer crap (yes) out there in the front yard.

Fish flies? Yes. Well. I did not go skiing today. I used the excuse that I had a cold (and I do) but it was somehow more than that. I just didn’t feel like going through the whole rigamarole of driving up to the ski ranch and dealing with my rather ill-fitting equipment. Not to mention all of the wonderful folks who drive up from southeast Michigan to x-c ski at the ranch. The ones that I have trouble socializing with unless I’m in the mood… Somehow I needed moom-alone time. So, Mouse took off with the Twinz of Terror and I took a slow ride around the lake. Best Choice grokkeries, the liq-wire store next door to Best Choice, Shell gasoline. And then. I still needed a few things at a more comprehensive grokkery store than my beloved Best Choice. Hmmm. Glen’s or Walmart. You know I chose Glen’s. The more northern store. And wouldn’t you know, while I was *in* Glen’s, I encountered a female employee talking to some other customers about that particular choice. I opened my mouth to tell her that I made a conscious decision to stop at Glen’s that day and wouldn’t you know, I became her new best friend and could barely get away from her.

Back to the Group Home. Some good kibbitzing with The Beautiful Gay, then I cleaned out the refrigerator while she vacuumed. It’s interesting when you are involved with a place like this, which is shared by a number of relatives. I could grumble from here to kingdom come about people buying multiples of multiples. The truth is that we all do the same thing. “Hmmm, I wonder if there is salad dressing (or bbq sauce or whatever) up there. I dunno, so I’ll buy it.” And then you get here and you find five bottles of what you bought. Soy Vay, anyone? That would be my personal nemesis. I can’t remember the last time I actually noticed what was in the refrigerator but, for whatever reason, I got into refrigerator clean-out mode today. A lot of old stuff died. One thing that didn’t was a “bag” of margaritas. I put that in the freezer.

And, yes, I found a fish fly (aka Canadian Soldier) in the refrigerator. Yes, of course it was dead! I took a picture of it and posted it on facebook and I believe someone in the Courtois Fam even commented that they had been saving it… 🙂 Sigh. Summer (and fish flies) are never too far away, are they?

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  1. Pooh Says:

    Maybe a fridge web-cam? 😉