Man, this thing is slodgy tonight. My MacBook, that is…

Yes, Old Man Winter paid us another visit this weekend. It was beautiful around here this morning, especially since nobody at the Landfill needed to be anywhere in particular today. So, I walked this morning and, when I got back, I started up the Landfill Fleet and the GG and I did some shoveling. We didn’t shovel as thoroughly as we did even a couple of weeks ago. It is March here. We can have some horrific snow/ice storms here in March and they will screw up the driving while they are going on. Like yesterday. But today? Even though the temperatures remained in the mid-twenties all day, the sun shone brilliantly and our roads were clear by about mid morning. We knew that because we drove down to the river and walked our fave urban hiking trails around Barton Dam.

Home. I walked over to the Plum Market and subsequently prepped a bunch of dinner materials for the upcoming week. And made *more* chocolate chip cookies, again with dried cranberries. As of today, there is no longer a backlog of chocolate chips in the freezer. Will I buy more? I dunno… Meanwhile, the GG was building birdhouses. He made four of them. I think it took him about two hours. About a gazillion years ago, the GG led birdhouse-building sessions for the Beach Urchins’ Brownie troops. He and the Beach Urchins took all of those birdhouses down to the Huron River and hung them up. Some of them were still there until recently but the city or some parks organization (or something) seems to think it was a good idea to knock down a whole bunch of trees and brush by the river. I’m not sure why. There’s a bunch of yada yada about invasive species and prescribed burns and stuff. It looks like chainsaw massacre to me. Sorry. I get it. But…

Anyway… The GG built four birdhouses today. He hung one up in our back yard. And then he enlisted my help in hanging the other three down by the river. Meaning that we drove down to the river with a ladder hanging out the back of the Dogha and then he took off with the ladder and the box of birdhouses while I put my YakTrax on. Eventually I caught up with him and we galumphed along through the snow and broken down trees and bushes looking for appropriate trees to hang birdhouses on.

Oh, and then… We got home and the GG took a bit of a nap and I was uncharacteristically tired but I also got myself sucked into what I can only describe as a “cute” iPad game. “Little Things” if you have an iPad.

If you enlarge the bottom pic, you will see that the GG has embossed his new birdhouses with his last name and the year. If you are facebook friends with me, you can see a cheap and dirty video of the GG hanging a birdhouse.

2 Responses to “Man, this thing is slodgy tonight. My MacBook, that is…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Nice bird houses! I’ll have to watch the dirty video. 😉 Glad that spring is on its way.

  2. becky courtois Says:

    Bill made us a bird house when we moved in and it has housed many families. Thank you for the gift that keeps giving! Now I just have to get the motivation to hang the other three I have sitting in my garden:)