Hey, I thought I was the biggest hipster around here!!

I mean, look at me with my bomber hat and my hot pink ski jacket! My LLBean winter tennies and my loooverly old black leggings! I’m not the biggest hipster? It’s my blahg and I will cry if I want to… Sorry. Walked over to the Plum Market through a snowstorm this afternoon and encountered two lovely young women having a friendly discussion about who was the best (biggest? whatever) hipster. Of course, they didn’t even notice meeeee.

I set today aside to wade through a long, dense legal document. I’ve been putting this off since The Commander was here at Christmas. I tried to read it then but with The Comm and The Beach Urchins and “parties every night” (as The Comm told her cronies up there in Siberia), I couldn’t get my brain in gear. Today was the day. The GG was over at MooU all day, hanging out with the North Country Trail gang at the Quiet Water Symposium, which is where he encountered the beauteous little aminal in the photoooo. Mouse went to work. After procrastinating until around the time Car Talk comes on (10 AM), I settled myself into my fave window seat and got down to business.

What was I reading? Well, I guess it isn’t really a big secret although I am not going to spill all of the details all over the Internet. My family (and a couple other families) own various parcels of property on the upper St. Mary’s River. We have owned property there since my grandfather and two of his friends bought it in the 1920s. We are now into the 5th generation, at least in my family. One of my grandfather’s friends was a very good Catholic and that family is a bit more prolific than us, so it is possible they are even into the 6th. I am usually pretty good at keeping track of the begats but I’ve given up! 🙂

Anyway, my brother “The Engineer” died in 2005 and my dad “Grandroobly” in 2006. I emerged from the ensuing fog in fits and starts but I’ve pretty much been slodging along into the future for a few years now. About a year ago I had a little start! I realized that, although The Commander’s legal affairs were generally in good order (even though she’ll probably live another 50 years), our beloved piece of property was not particularly well secured against, well, whatever might happen in the future.

I started researching cottage law and we decided to form a limited liability corporation. The reasons for doing this are complex and I’m not going to go into them here. We’ve been working with a very enthusiastic young lawyer from Sault Ste. Siberia who understands what we’re trying to do. I will guess that there will occasionally be some difficult issues to deal with. People are people and people can be messy. *I* am messy. The world would be pretty dern boring if we weren’t messy, although there a few dictators and politicians I could do without about right now. But I am optimistic that we are doing the right thing to protect our beloved summer cabin for future generations and will have a legal framework for dealing with stuff. Now, if little green men descend from somewhere, who knows. We’ll prob’ly lose our land and a few of our kidneys and various parts of our brains.

This was a good day to read through a dense legal document. And do a few little Landfill chores, mainly clean the Chitchen. It was drizzling when I walked this morning. It rained heavily most of the morning. And then, it seemed to stop. And then. I walked out the front door and snaked around the corner of the Landfill to dump a few little items into the handy-dandy recycle cart. I do that a lot. But this time, it was, wait for it… Snowing! Yeah, I know. Again. Like I said yesterday, “Ol’ Man Winter is not done with us yet.”

The GG just returned from East Lansing. Even he admits that the driving was “treacherous”.

4 Responses to “Hey, I thought I was the biggest hipster around here!!”

  1. isa Says:

    Real hipsters *never* refer to themselves as such.

    Scene from last night: six friends and I were biking up 21st Street together. A “bike gang,” if you will. At an intersection, we watched a pick up truck go by and yell something at us. “BWAAAAAAAAAAAAH HIPSTERS!!!” What? Really? I don’t know how to take that; I think it’s ’cause we were riding bikes.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Snowing again?? Oh, boy. It’s been sunny and 50s today which was very nice. I may even have to mow my lawn if this keeps up. 🙂 You are a definite hipster in my book!!

  3. kayak woman Says:

    There are pickup trucks in San Francisco?? 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. isa Says: