Emotionally, not physically, even though it has rained *all* day. Oh, I won’t spend the whole post whining. It isn’t really worth whining about and I *like* the rain. The problem was that this rain came with lucky-shucky and I do not walk in lucky-shucky. So. I didn’t get to walk this morning. And work was sorta boring today. I mean I had stuff to do but without any hot deadlines or anything, there wasn’t any fire under my you-know-what and I am just happier when I’m in the thick of things. And then I got home and I was all set to walk over to the Plum Market to forage for something for dinner. In the rain. And then. KABOOM! Guess I won’t be walking anywhere. So I had to take a vee-hickle over there. Two blocks, fer Kee-reist! And they did the ceiling in Mouse’s room today but things are *still* not done in there and I shouldn’t complain because some people I know are living with zipwalls. But still.

And btw, that is not a black-and-white picture there. I mean it sort of is but it was taken with a color camera. And yes, the last time you saw a version of that scene on this here weblahg, it was in rather vivid color! This picture was taken at 4:45 AM today. Yes, that means the sun wasn’t up yet. Even in the Great White North, when we are near the summer solstice, it is dark at that time. So what was happening was that one of the Houghton Lake webcams was taking a picture every time lightning struck. And there are a lot of those pictures out there. See the water in the yard? That must’ve been one heckuva storm.

I am not there at Houghton Lake this weekend. We are home on The Planet Ann Arbor for various reasons. Number one for me being not wanting to spend the whole weekend dodging funnel clouds. Can’t say that for the GG. He loves tornadoes. And one thing about rainy summer days is that it gives me a good excuse to turn on my Christmas lights! Er, not that I won’t use any old random excuse to turn them on. Hey, they’re LED, so who the heck cares?

Omygod! The GG has just spacified me! I needed that!!!!

Sayonara, KW

2 Responses to “Bedraggled”

  1. Pooh Says:

    Spacified? Youth may (or may not) want to know.

  2. kayak woman Says:

    Spacified: he went for a river ride and left me *home alone*. I am accustomed to having a lot of “space” and needed some desperately yesterday afternoon but *he* was home telecommuting because there were workers here.