The Porter Repot

Or should I have titled it “Repotting the Porters”? Our friends the Porters have been joining a whole bunch of other hard-working, middle-class professionals in Lansing (the Great Lake State’s capital) to demonstrate against our new governor’s policies and tonight, we watched a number of little videos they took of the action. I’m not going to repot report on their trips except to say that the protests were orderly and peaceful. This baggy old kayak woman, who has never had anything to do with a union, is supportive of this protest but she still has complicated thoughts about all of these very complicated issues and she is not gonna talk about them tonight. It’s Friday night and…

I haven’t been inside the capitol building in Lansing since I was a kid. We went there a few times when we visited The Commander’s brother, who lived in, well, not sure whether he lived in Lansing or East Lansing or somewhere in between. I still remember the house. I thought it was the most beautiful house on earth then, although now that I think about how to describe it, it was really just a well-kept contemporary-style ranch type thing. Much nicer than The Landfill but I’ll bet that if I found it today (and I probably could) it would look like a regular house in a nice but not very fancy neighborhood. Anyway, we would visit the capitol building in Lansing because my uncle Austin worked there. He worked as the director of what is now called the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. If you drive north through the Great Lake State on the I75 SUV Speedway (and on US127 too), you will see his name on a highway sign. What do I remember about the capitol building? The glass floor, of course! Is it on the second floor? I think so. And the third and fourth floors have balconies that look down on the glass floor, I think. I saw that glass floor on our friends’ videos tonight. Note to self: go back over there and check that place out!

Tonight? We veered from our habitual ‘hattan and dinner at the Old Town barrroooom to eat at Gratzi. Thanks to our friends’ mad reservation-making skills (and a cancellation), we snagged a loverly table on the balcony next to the window. I have been to Gratzi once before (yeah, I know how ridiculous that is). I had a very weird experience there the last time. It was NOT due to the staff. They were wonderful then and they were wonderful tonight. It was the people I was with that other time. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Walked home, took a shower, and am now facing the question of what can I get done around the Landfill this weekend… It would help if I could figure out where to start. Sigh…

Love y’all,
Kayak Woman

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  1. l4827 Says:

    We enjoyed repotting at the Emergency Food Munchers group last night. It was a good table, good company, good drinks and good night.