“I can’t figure out how every drawer in your house is filled.”

Yes, that’s what happens when you invite your mother to spend the Christmas holidays with you. She goes around your house and looks in all the drawers. Don’t worry, I am laughing so hard right now, I can hardly type this. At least she didn’t arrive with white gloves on!

Anyway, I was on the phone with The Commander today and she reminded me, again, that all of the drawers in my house are filled with junk. I think she’s blocking the junk that’s in the Landfill Dungeon because she didn’t say anything about that. I couldn’t even find a blasted *pail* down there today! And then she said, “You should have a garbage garage sale.” Oh… Sigh… I wish… We have had exactly *one* garage sale here at the Landfill in the almost-27 years we’ve lived here. Fortunately the GG did most of the people-type interaction because I have waaaayyyy too much social anxiety to survive a day of interacting with a bunch of strangers picking through my stuff!

I need a friend. Somebody to help me sort stuff out and sit with me to help with the dern schmoozing and just, I dunno, cheer me on. I mean, I have a lot of friends but most of them are either work friends or they are far-flung. Cousins, in-laws, and people like my Sam. I have friends here on the Planet but I can’t think of one person who would be exactly the right person to call up and ask for help doing a garage sale. Like my old friend Vicki, who used to live over on Duncan. We used to walk into each other’s houses without knocking. I walked with her every day for years and we worked together on all kinds of school volunteer type prodjects. Like the Forsythe Middle School Science Fair. She was the mastermind and schmoozer. I masterminded the data involved in running that large event. With Excel spreadsheets on my strawberry iMac. Alas. She divorced, moved, remarried, etc., etc., and I don’t see her much any more. Like all of the other Haisley Mafia mooms. They have moved or at least moved on to other things. As I have. Oh, we are still friends. We just don’t see a lot of each other any more. They work and so do I. We are all successful and we are all happy.

I keep thinking that when I spend a weekend here at home on the Planet Ann Arbor, I will clean and get rid of junk. I want to. But I also need time to recuperate from my loverly job. I need some “meeeee” time on the weekend. It isn’t like I didn’t accomplish anything today. It’s just that it was all keeping up with maintenance type stuff. Getting grokkeries, doing laundry, cleaning the refrigimatator and the Blue and Only Bad Bathroom, vacuuming areas that I can vacuum without moving a whole bunch of crap out of the way and back again. I did a lot today but somehow I didn’t feel satisfied with it because I didn’t make any progress on de-hoarding. Well, except that I went to the Jackson Rd. Meijer this morning and did not buy *anything* that wasn’t on my list. Note to self: get the toilet paper out of the Ninja’s trunk and put it in the Blue and Only Bad Bathroom. Er, hopefully the toilet paper made it *out* to the Ninja’s trunk from the grokkery store because I just noticed that it is not in the Blue and Only Bad Bathroom…

Criteria/criterion (this is for Gene, who is my aunt and my dad’s only surviving sibling): I love to have spelling/grammatical/syntax errors in my blahg corrected. Really. I am not kidding. I care about this stuff! I agonize over definitions and little grammatical things enough that I will look them up. But I still screw up sometimes a lot. Sometimes I catch myself. Sometimes not. In this particular case, I was totally oblivious! Love you Bubs!

P.S. Yes, that is the obligatory photooo of one of the first crocuses coming up in my yard here on the Planet Ann Arbor in the Great White North. This happens every year but somehow it always seems important to note.

3 Responses to ““I can’t figure out how every drawer in your house is filled.””

  1. Margaret Says:

    You’re behind–our crocuses are already flowering! It’s hard to have the ambition to do much after working a full time week. There is so much I’d like to do around here, but talk myself out of it pretty fast. 🙂

  2. Tonya Watkins Says:

    Heh heh. I’m remembering a big garage sale I had when I needed to sell my house (due to divorce) and move into a much smaller condo. My friend helped me out in a big way, because like you, I hate interacting with strangers, and it was actually quite fun. Problem was, we *drank* throughout the duration of said garage sale. It made it definitely an entertaining day, but I really never have remembered much about it.

  3. l4827 Says:

    Blue and only *bad* bathroom. Nice phrase …………. 🙂

    Still survivinghere Detroit’s EFM.