Right ascension: 00h 00′ 00”

Whew! Weird, weird, weird dreams last night. Bears *everywhere* in the woods at the Moomincabin. Now, there *are* bears in the Moominwoods. But we *rarely* see them near the cabins. I personally have *never* seen one. I’ve seen bear scat up on the ridge. That’s the only part of the dream I can remember except for something about doing the dishes (of course) and having to constantly go outside to get dirty wineglasses. Dodging the bears, of course. Whose whine, what whine, where the hell did we dine? And why did I end up with all the dirty glasses? And then there was another crazier dream that I can’t remember at all now. That is probably a good thing. (These were not prescient dreams, my best beloveds, just plain weird.)

And then I woke up and took my daily 0-skunk-30 walk. The walk that usually exorcises whatever bizarre dreams I’ve had. The walk I have been taking *every* morning since Mouse was in about 8th grade. I don’t even want to think about how long ago that was. It was *spooky* this morning. What is that? Is there something standing there in the woods? It was dark and cold and windy. And the Newspaper Jeep was careering around like nobody’s business, flashing its flashers, “get outta my way”. I usually love when it’s dark when I take my walk. I love feeling like I’m invisible. I love the cold. It clears my brain (and probably my sinuses). Today was just weird. None of the “regulars” were out there. Not that they are usually out on a Sunday morning. It’s a somewhat different crowd then. The Newspaper Jeep is a familiar sight and so it should’ve been a comfort except that it is scary enough from the get-go. By the time I got close to home again, the sun had apparently come up because it was sort of light out and things got less spooky.

I dragged the GG out to “urban hike” on the trails down by Barton Dam. After I made bacon. Nothing like a bacon and cheerios breakfast! (Oh, I don’t mean mixed together!) I figured the GG would want to check on his birdhouses. No occupancies yet but he realized that he accidentally mounted one on a dead tree, so that one will have to be moved. We do have birds in some of the houses hanging on our house. We decided that the reason the park folks have decimated so many trees is probably because they were ash trees and are therefore dead/dying by infestation of the Emerald Ash Borer. Anyway, then we drove along the river down to the new little park on Zeeb and walked those trails. Where we found the loverly skunk cabbage in the photoooo.

It turned into one of those kind of ugly March days that we get here. Gray and chillier than it should be for the temperature. I spent way too much time slodging around on the Internet with one device or another, taking breaks to put together some CPP (the non-purple kind, thank you very much) and do other *little* chores. The GG energized a bit today after spending yesterday just a wee little bit under the weather. He insists it was not because of the droppa grappa he had at Gratzi the night before. Whatever.

We’re getting rain now with rumbly thunder in the distance somewhere, which is a bit weird since it isn’t even 40 degrees here right now but radar shows megatons of rain coming our way. Oh, and now there’s lightning.

Good night. Did anyone else have bizarre dreams last night? I decided to attribute mine to the full moon and maybe the equinox has something to do with it too? A couple of facebook friends experienced the same kind of thing. Chloe Belle claimed to also (sorta) but I think “he” was just harassing me. Or at least I *think* Chloe Belle was commenting in the male form. You never quite know!

2 Responses to “Right ascension: 00h 00′ 00””

  1. l4827 Says:

    It’s a Supper Moon effect apparently. Grappa derives it’s own pleasures, … so I’ve heard.

  2. Pooh Says:

    I love the skunk cabbage picture. I am knitting skunk cabbage mitts, mostly as an exercise in “can I do this?” Pictures will be posted when they are done, maybe in a week.