Vulpes vulpes fulva

Lemme seeeeee… What to write about what to write about…

There are a lot of things I want to write about. There is our wondrous new governor’s latest message. I actually agree with some of his goals. More transparency anyone? Yes. I am less happy with the rather dictatorial style in which he is handing things down. Just because it works on a spreadsheet doesn’t mean it will work in life. People are messy and that’s [usually] a good thing. Change may need to happen but it needs to happen incrementally.

Then there is the conference center proposal on my fave old “library lot”. The majority of the Planet Ann Arbor citizens don’t seem to want it but the mayor and some of the city council members [and some real estate developers] seem pretty hot about it. I am with the the citizens. I don’t think that a conference center would be successful enough for my tax dollars to support it. And I think that most real estate developers are scummy but we won’t go there tonight.

On the other hand, as our wondrous city government contemplates cutting police and fire services even more, the most recent fire chief quits and sends a letter to his boss. I can’t help thinking about the two young people who died in a fire a couple blocks away from here in January. [I still can’t bring myself to walk through that neighborhood.] I know that the fire-fighters did all they could in that case. But what if they couldn’t get to that fire because they were all the way across town fighting another one? And there was no one else? [Note to self: Be strong and walk by that house again.]

And then there are the “Trophy Kids“. You’ve heard of trophy wives and trophy dogs, roight? Apparently my generation (baby boom) raised trophy kids. In other words, the Millennial Generation. Who knew? I always felt like I was just putting one foot in front of the other… But is this generation following what their parents supposedly dreamed and planned for them? (Does any generation?)

And there was something about African dictators…

I don’t feel like I can write a coherent entry about any of these things, not to mention a few other things that are on my mind that I can’t remember right now. [You are happy about that.] So here is vulpes vulpes fulva, found somewhere down there by the Huron River on Sunday. Every red-blooded American boy needs a good collection of skulls, roight? I don’t really know if this skull once belonged to a specimen of vulpes vulpes fulva. The GG seems to think it does and I’m not sure if he really knows but I’m also not sure it really matters. And, actually, if he ever gets hit by a beer truck, aminal skulls will probably not be the first thing I’ll throw out. (Knock on wood!)

What things are y’all cogitating about?

Good night,
Kayak Woman

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Cogitating about this Libya thing, having to get a new windshield in our Focus somewhere in Oregon (Ashland, I think) for $150, Ashley’s new bob and her conference in upstate NY this weekend(how will she get there?), making it through Student Led Conferences this week, how my husband will feel, etc…