Sapphire Slippers


Clicking a pair of ruby slippers together may send you home again but I have a couple of honda vee-hickles that can ferry me back and forth to my beach. How about sapphire slippers? What will they do? I think maybe clicking these cheap, sparkly little sapphire flip-flops together will make me fly. I think they even make *my* ugly, bony, knobbly, filthy old feet look kind of cute.

Like I said, they are cheap and almost immediately some of the beads and sequins started coming loose. Mouse caught me sitting there peering at that flip-flop and a little tube of dried-up superglue. She kind of harumphed, “You can *sew* those back on, Moom!” And, yes, I could. And then, even though I was in one of those sitting-on-the-ground moments, I did. The superglue was obviously dead, so I threw it out and gathered:

  • black nymo thread, a very strong nylon thread used for bead-weaving
  • a between needle, size 7, which I figured would be sturdy enough to poke through the rubber strap
  • a beading needle, size 12, to pull the thread through the small holes of the seed beads

Alternating the needles as needed, I battened down those beads and sequins pretty darn securely. The point here? I actually got up the initiative to *fix* something. I mean, I thought about how to do it and then just got up off of my you-know-what and *did* it. Yes, this year, that is an accomplishment.

Those sapphire flip-flops were an impulse purchase. I got them at Nicola’s Books. Shoes at a book store? I don’t make impulse purchases very often any more. Mostly I just buy gasoline and groceries. But I could not pass these up. They are not very practical. I’ll stick with my ripped up Tevas for even short distance walking. But they’re cute and they make me feel good. And I am gonna fly. Watch me.

2 Responses to “Sapphire Slippers”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    …and fly you did – all the way to GB!!

    Love ya!

  2. Kate Says:

    I admired your new sapphire slippers at our Soiree on Sunday evening!! Very nice! I can also vouch for how yummy Liz’s pasta salad is!!
    What a great time! Hope to see you again soon!