Maxwell House instant coffee and…

I am drinking coffee this morning. Maxwell house instant, regular strength, black. At home alone. Usually, when I’m in residence here on the Planet Ann Arbor, I only drink coffee approximately once a week, at Monday coffee with Marci at Barry Bagels. Most other mornings, I get up at the crack of dawn, or earlier during the dark seasons of the year. I take a fast shower and [power]walk three miles and by the time I get back, I do not feel any kind of need for caffeine.

But I am tired today! Last evening, after an afternoon of helping serve sno-cones to 100 people or so, I went up to Grand Blanc to help Karen and her family celebrate her dad Hu’s life. The food was great and it was great fun to watch the antics of Kevin’s kids, who are approximately 3-11(?). Not to mention Karen’s dogs. And not have to take any of them home ;-).

I had a cocktail early on, then I switched to water so I would be stone cold sober for the drive home. And I was. But I probably should’ve cadged a cup of coffee, because I was *tired*. I was okay (really!) but I did get off the freeway at N. Territorial to take the back roads the rest of the way — Whitmore Lake to Joy to N. Maple. Slower, quieter, cooler, a lot less boring.

Got home and every single cell of my body said, “go to sleep,” and I did, at around 9 PM on the couch in the back room. When I next woke up, after a very deep sleep, it felt really late, that bat scope time of night. I was sure it was 2 or 3 in the morning but when I walked into the kitchen, I found that it was only 11:10!

I’m on my second cup. I need to go. I have work to do. Sayonara!

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