Just another day in the life of a blonde.

In which my state of mind takes a sudden and precipitous turn from “I am mildly bored” to “I am profoundly stoopid”. That is all. Except that llamas kill coyotes. At least they do in western Washtenaw County.

4 Responses to “Just another day in the life of a blonde.”

  1. Maquis Says:

    Does that make lama’s an invasive species?

  2. jane Says:

    did I miss some news tid-bit about a coyote killed by a llama?

  3. gg Says:

    No. We could start rumors if ya want.

  4. gg Says:


    Traps. Fences. Poison. Ranchers have tried everything to keep predators from their livestock. But guard llamas? At Thirteen Mile Ranch near Belgrade, Mont., llamas have kept watch over the sheep for a decade. The result: No losses from coyotes – the bane of sheep ranchers.