26 years and I get dirty laundry!

Fourth of July here at home on The Planet Ann Arbor. It isn’t the first time. So far, I have gone to the Plum Market twice (yes!), the Westgate Kroger uscan, and Trader Joe’s. I only went to the last two once but Mouse also went to Trader Joe’s. Not sure if that counts or not. Naw, Mouse feeds herself most of the time. I told the cashier in Plum Market that it was my second time there that day and she asked if she’d be seeing me again and I replied that no, I’d send my daughter the next time. I didn’t but the day isn’t over yet. And Mouse can even buy booze now, not that we need any of that. But I am thinking that four trips to grokkery stores in one day has gotta be a record, even for a permanently distracted old bag like me.

So, we’re going to grill chicking chicken wings (soaked in Soy Vay) and shrimp kebabs (soaked in some hoisin thing I found on the internet) and Lizard Breath’s pasta salad and, lemme see, I forget, oh yeah, gazpacho and tortilla chips (not homemade) with some o’ that layered “Mexican” dip and sesame crackers with feta spread from the Best Choice Market and pita chips (homemade, it’s been a while) with hummus (not homemade) and deviled eggs. Er, not deviled eggs, I decided they were too fiddly. And almost fergot corn on the cob. And this ol’ moom’s “cubbert” is usually pretty darn bare but today it looks about like in that pic. With blue gatorade and the whole works. And when I just tried to cram the carrot date fig salad in there, it fell out, so the Landfill refrigimatator is officially full.

And when I went to Trader Joe’s, I ran into these weird people. I think they said their names were Pooh and Horsey or something like that and they managed to insinuate themselves into our backyard, so they should be here any minute. And they actually have the nerve to invite someone else! I think her name was Bugs or something like that. And Not Plain Jane is coming. And it’s all good because if anybody gets too rowdy, Froggy can just lick them to death or whatever.

And it’s odd that there don’t seem to be a whole lot of firecrackers and black-powder bombs and things going off around here this year. Usually that stuff starts up in about mid-June. It isn’t just because Burke is gone and the bomb squad took his dynamite either. I just dunno what is going on.

Have a great 4th of July. It’s a great country no matter who is running the government and I am not limiting that to the current regime. We the people need to take it back! And that’s about as political as I’m gonna get today.

3 Responses to “26 years and I get dirty laundry!”

  1. isa Says:

    i wish i were there! it’s okay, i got friends old and new in town for the weekend. and as it is the four of us from ann arbor are like a family, right down to the dysfunction 😉 so i guess i am set 🙂 see you in a few weeks…

  2. Jay Says:

    Lots of people around me in Detroit regalia today (Mariners v Tigers), even a few with Ann Arbor shirts (Not Block M, but Ann Arbor), and Big C’s nurse was from Michigan too.

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